August 2018 | Casual Game Revolution

August 2018

In the mood for a picnic or TV dinner? Be careful! Don’t forget you can’t eat grains! But maybe cheating on your diet might just be worth it in the end.

The bandido is trying to escape! Close off all the tunnels to make sure he can’t get out! In this cooperative maze-building card game, players must work together to stop the bandido before the deck runs out.

Czech Games Edition has announced a new party game, Big G Creative has a new game coming soon, and Indie Boards & Cards and Stronghold Games have announced a merger.

Win the guilds to your side, secure the favor of the King, and maneuver and manipulate your way to victory. Strategic and logical, Blackstone Castle is a game of grid manipulation in which all the information is open and available to players.

Build a life, make friends and connections, change jobs, and put together your work history! CV is a dice and storytelling game in which players put together their lives from young adulthood through old age.

Cooperation, social deduction, real time, abstract, and micro games all make their way to Kickstarter this month. There’s a little something of everything both in mechanics and theme, with games ranging from fairy tales to stories of survival on the high seas.

Grackles is a new lightly themed, 30-minute abstract strategy game for 2–4 people that plays like a classic. Enter to win a brand new copy!

Pandasaurus Games has announced Machi Koro Legacy, Looney Labs has released Star Trek Fluxx, and gaming websites have been posting their Gen Con wrap-ups.

Survivors are counting on you. Can you protect your settlement, drive back raiders, and create a home in a post-apocalyptic landscape?

Remnants will have players vying for control of limited resources in a game that blends real time dice rolling with resource management.

Dungeon crawling is slow! Why not race through the dungeon instead? It's a dungeon full of traps, monsters, and loot.