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Enjoy Two Games in One with Pyramid Game Ice Duo

Ice Duo

The pyramid game pieces are an invention of Looney Labs, which feature a set of components which can be combined in infinite ways to make many different games.

These pyramids, which are the center pieces of many games, come in different colors, and in three different sizes: small, medium, and big. Three together of the different sizes are called a ‘trio’. When stacked small to large, they are called a ‘nest’, and while stacked from largest to smallest, they are called a ‘tree’.

Ice Duo is two games packed into one box, and is just one of many games Looney Labs publishes using these pyramid game pieces.

Ice Dice

For Ice Dice, you use all the pyramid pieces included in the box. This includes two pyramids of five different colors in each size. All the pyramids are placed in the bank. You also take the two dice.

On your turn you roll the two dice, which will tell you which pyramid to place in the center of the table in the counter area. One die will give you a color and one die will give you a size. The size die can sometimes give you a choice between two different pyramid sizes and the color die will sometimes allow you to choose any color. If the pyramid you would take (or choose to take if given choices by the dice) is not present in the bank, you may steal it from your opponent if they have it (if they don’t, you simple do not add a pyramid to the counter and may roll again).

Next you can choose to roll again or end your turn. You may keep rerolling until you either end your turn or you must add a pyramid to the counter whose color matches one that is already there, in which case you bust and must return all pyramids from the counter to the bank. If any of the pyramids were stolen from your opponent, they still go to the bank. If you ended your turn without busting, then you move all pyramids from the counter to the space in front of yourself, which is called your vault.

If you get a pyramid of each color onto the counter, you immediately move all of them to your vault and may take another turn.

The first player to collect two trios (each made up of pyramids of matching colors) wins the game.

Twin Win

In Twin Win, you only use one trio of each of the five colors of pyramids included in the box. The board is placed in the center of the table. The board shows a number of spaces with arrows between them showing which spaces you can move pieces between.

You make trees of the pyramids, making sure that each pyramid in the tree is a different color, and then place them on certain spaces on the board. Each player is then dealt two goal cards. Each goal card shows a nest or a tree of specific colors. In order to win the game you must make one of these goals on the board. Pieces may be beneath or on top of the tree or nest shown on your goal card, and it will still win the game. However, other pyramids cannot be between the necessary pieces to complete your goal.

On your turn you may take two actions. You may move one piece two spaces or two pieces one space each. You may only move the top piece of any stack, and any piece may be stacked on top of any other piece. Alternatively, you may skip taking an action to place one of your current goal cards on the bottom of the goal deck and draw a new one to replace it. If you want, you can even do this twice on your turn by skipping both actions.

Ice Duo Components


The Pyramid game system is a clever idea and there’s a large range of games that use it that are worth checking out. Ice Duo is a great place to start, though, if you are looking for something light, easy to learn, and quick.

Ice Dice is a fairly straight forward push-your-luck game. It doesn’t bring anything very new to the genre, but the ability to steal pyramids from year opponents is fun, as is the tantalizing possibility of getting a second turn if you collect one pyramid of each color. This intriguing possibility can push you to go a little farther than you might ordinarily do, and also ensures a player has a chance even if he falls far behind.

It may be a quite simple game, but the fact that it’s packed with a second game, means that it can be a fun bonus or an easy way to pack two games with you in a small box.

Twin Win is more strategic. There are elements of bluffing, and trying not to let your opponent see what pattern you are trying to push for, while also not accidentally handing them the win. Even creating a pattern your opponent doesn’t currently have can be dangerous as she can always skip an action to draw a new card.

This give and take of trying to complete your goal without letting your opponent guess what you’re about, leads to some interesting choices and player interaction. It’s a game that takes up very little space, but still brings plenty of intrigue to the table.

Ice Duo comes in a nice little compact box that’s quite portable. It’s a little annoying to get all the pyramids to fit back in the box but they do fit if stacked properly. It’s the kind of game that is very easy to slip into a bag, play at a restaurant, or while waiting at an airport. The fact that it’s two games in one is even better.

It is well worth the $20 price tag, and all of the components are nice, with the pyramids being sturdy and fun to stack and play with. The rules for both games are very light and easy to learn, and it’s just handy to have two fun games packed into one conveniently small box.

Pros: Two very different games, component quality, small box

Cons: A little annoying to put away, Ice Dice may be a little too simple for some players

Disclosure: we received a complimentary review copy of this game.