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Answer Fast and Often in Party Game Say It!

Say It!

Ask your friends what's something crunchy that they wouldn't want to step on. See how many answers they can come up with in thirty seconds, and reward your three favorite answers with points!

Say It! is a party game from Gamewright, designed for 3-8 players and playable in 10 minutes. How many answers can you come up with in thirty seconds?


Each round a different player is the judge. You keep playing rounds until each player has been the judge twice.

When you are the judge, you take the three scoring tokens and the sand timer. You draw one card from the "Say" deck and one card from the "It" deck and reveal them both, flipping over the timer as you do. Together, the two will create combinations that players will use as a prompt. For example, the first card may be "something crunchy" with the second card being "that you would name a pet after". The other players will then shout as many answers as they can think of for the combined criteria.

Anytime you hear an answer that you like, you pass that player a score token. Since players give multiple answers, a single player can win more than one token during the round. You can also wait until the sand timer runs out to award score tokens if you wish.

If no one is coming up with any more answers, a player can say "nothing". If no one else can come up with a good answer after that, that player scores one point for the round. But if another player does come up with a good answer after that, then the player who said nothing cannot give any more answers for the rest of that round.

At the end of the round, each player earns one point for each token they scored and you begin a new round. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins.

Say It! Components


Say It! is an extremely light and fast party game. The informality of the turns is enjoyable and great for casual play. Players say things as they come to them. You don’t have to worry about the pressure of having something ready by your turn, and if you come up with something better than your first idea you still get to shout it out.

It’s fun to be able to award points to more than one answer as the judge, and encourages a more fun, back-and-forth interaction with the answers each round. Players have more freedom to be silly and just try something and see how it lands.

There were a few cards that we chose to remove from the game while playing. Some of them had a surprisingly political bent or seemed a bit more colorful than you’d expect from something from Gamewright. The components are also not quite up to Gamewright’s usual standards, with the graphic design being a bit bland and the cards and tokens a bit underwhelming. But the game does come in a very small, compact box, making this a portable, easy-to-travel-with game. We recommend using your own tokens to hand out to players that can be counted at the end of the game, rather than writing down the scores each round.

For game groups that enjoy improvisation or a good laugh inspired by silly combinations and ideas, this game can provide a hilariously good time with low pressure and minimal rules.

Pros: Few rules, no turns for answers, multiple players win points each round

Cons: You may wish to remove some cards for some game groups, the components are a bit lackluster

Disclosure: we received a complimentary review copy of this game.