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Distribution of Casual Game Insider Magazine Reaches 2,000 Retailers

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Distribution of Casual Game Insider Magazine Reaches 2,000 Retailers

The recent addition of a third distribution deal puts Casual Game Insider magazine into the hands of over 2,000 board game retailers each quarter.


TUCSON, Arizona – May 21, 2013 – Casual Game Insider has struck a deal with PHD, the third U.S. board game distributor to carry the magazine since its inaugural issue was released in October, 2012. PHD has warehouses in Florida, New Jersey, and Texas, all of which will be distributing the magazine to the active retailers in their area of distribution. These warehouses, in addition to five others from ACD and GTS Distribution, will allow the magazine to reach a new milestone of 2,000 retail stores.

“We are ecstatic to welcome a third distributor to our cause,” said Chris James, the editor-in-chief of Casual Game Insider. “To get our magazine into the hands of so many retailers each quarter is truly a remarkable achievement, and one for which we owe a great debt of gratitude to our distribution partners. As we move forward, we hope to continue to grow the Casual Game Revolution program, which, based on its reception so far, has proven to be a much needed effort.”

Casual Game Insider will reach the new retailers beginning with the Summer 2013 issue, which is scheduled for release in July. The magazine will be shipped nationwide from distribution warehouses in eight states, including Wisconsin, California, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Washington, Florida, New Jersey, and Texas. It will also be served to approximately 130 direct retailer subscribers from the Casual Game Revolution headquarters in Tucson, Arizona.

Publication of Casual Game Insider is supported by advertising and paid consumer subscriptions for print and digital editions. To continue production of the magazine for a second year and reach even more retail channels, the publisher hopes to raise additional funds via Kickstarter, the popular crowdfunding website, in July.

About the Publisher:
Casual Game Revolution is at the forefront of the casual board game movement, which aims to make board gaming more accessible to people of all ages by removing obstacles, breaking away from previous traditions, and connecting casual gamers directly to the games they are most likely to enjoy. It is a program that was conceived in 2011 and is headed up by the founders of Stratus Games LLC.

Magazine website: http://CasualGameRevolution.com/magazine
Publisher website: http://CasualGameRevolution.com
Press kit: http://CasualGameRevolution.com/press

Press Contact:
Chris James
Director of Casual Game Revolution
(520) 344-0095

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