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Hidden Object Games Recommendatons?

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Hidden Object Games Recommendatons?

I've just gone through pretty much all the older Mystery Case Files Hidden Object Games (HOG)  (/Huntsville/Prime Suspects/Ravenhearst/Madame Fate, etc.) and I want more but as they evolved the HOG's got darker...which I don't like as much.  Wondering if anyone has any recommends for older but still well designed and enjoyable HOGs?  The MCF's  were amazing... The online 'review' sites are generally connected to a game seller so it's not as reliable for recommends and I've been led astray for a few times...

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While we focus primarily on tabletop games, I do enjoy a good hidden object game occasionally. I have been playing some of these games from Artifex Mundi lately. They seem fairly well designed -- there are a whole bunch of them, but I have been playing Mythic Wonders most recently. Cheers!

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Makes me curious if it would be possible to create a hidden object tabletop game.

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