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AGPI Quarterly Magazine - Free release online

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AGPI Quarterly Magazine - Free release online

The AGPI (Association for Games and Puzzles International) has released Quarterly Magazine Volume 1 Number 2. The Quarterly is FREE for the public. Below is a summary of the Quarterly contents:

- Complete wrap-up of the AGPI Convention in Southbridge, MA. Includes Bradley/Parker award to Dave Wilson, former President of Hasbro, and manager at Parker Brothers & Milton Bradley from 1972.

- Article about "Not Politically Correct Board Games" by Sy Epstein
- Jigsaw puzzle article about a century of puzzles from Browning-Barnard-Ottenberg by Anne Williams
- Tangram Book Review by Fred Horn
- A History of Games based on Reversal by Jim Polcznski
- The Story of 92 year old Game Designer Frank Thibault by Bruce Whitehill
- A way to organize a game collection by Wayne Saunders
- AGPI news & more

This issue can be viewed at the following URL:

You can also gain FREE access to 30+ years of AGPI periodicals at the following URL:

The most recent Quarterly (Volume 3 Number 4) has the following contents:

- Information on upcoming AGPI convention (April 23-26 2020) in Fredericksburg, VA.

- Complete wrap-up of AGPI Mid Atlantic Chapter Annual Event in Allentown, PA.
- Coverage of Phil Orbanes Lifetime Achievement Award (Premi DAU) in Barcelona, Spain. Phil is the former president of Winning Moves.
- Information on upcoming Puzzle Parley (July 24-26) in Sturbridge, MA, including details on the puzzle exchange.
- Article on "Sliced Puzzles" by Geert Bekkering
- An unpublished "Knucklebones" magazine article by Bruce Whitehill
- How to frame a 100+ year old board game with implements for display by Michaeleen Bagley.
- A book review of "The Cultural Legacy of the Royal Game of Goose" by Fred Horn
- EEn Nieuw Krijgsspel "A New War Game" article by Fred Horn
- "5 secrets for researching obscure games and puzzles" by Aaron Boxerman
- AGPI news & more

The most recent 10 issues of the Quarterly (Volume 1 Number 3 through Volume 3 Number 4) are ONLY available the AGPI members. Each quarter, the oldest of the 10 Quarterly issues is release FREE to the public.