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What is your favorite game mechanic?

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What is your favorite game mechanic?

I really like worker placement and deck building.  If I could find a game that combined both of these with a great theme, I'd be in Heaven.

J. Riddell
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Worker Placement, but I also love a good dice roller.

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Secret roles! I love a good traitor game.

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Oh man, that's a tough question!

Although, I find that I actually like games that have a combination of mechanics, something that allows players a variety in the game. 

Right now, I really like dice rolling--I love the tactility of the dice, and I like having a sense of randomness. But I also like a more strategic game, even if it's not too "deep"--I love Hive in that sense... yes the arguments around first turn advantage are there, but I don't play it competitively, and I find it fast and fun!

Another mechanic that I love a lot is the "bidding" mechanic. I recently dusted Tikal off and played it with the bidding mechanic for the hexes, and I thought that was a clever way to determine the order of play each round.  

So there's my waffling answer--- ALL THE MECHANICS! heh. 

Ideally, in a unique combination. 

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I like worker placement and deck building.

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i like traitor games..




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