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Card Game

A game that primarily uses cards as the basis for gameplay.

Fill your forest with trees and give the creatures of the forest a home underneath the branches before winter comes and ends the game.

Collect adorable dragons and build magical amulets in this clever game with a unique card playing mechanic.

The goal of this simple family card game is to collect sets of three. On your turn reveal one card at a time, from either the center of the table or another player's hand until you create a set or you reveal a card that doesn't match the others.

Organize your picnic from tablecloth to food to win donuts and have the best picnic ever in this card-weaving puzzle game.

The king is dead! But who will take his place? Vie for influence, win over clans, and compete for the crown and throne.

Gap is a simple game, but that simplicity hides a scoring system that is fun to manipulate while still keeping it a low-key and easy-to-learn game. It’s perfect for a relaxed evening.

Aurum is a unique trick-taking game that is all about avoiding the suit rather than following it, and balancing winning tricks with activiely trying to lose them in order to collect gold.

Compete for forests, mountains, and rivers, with a small selection of characters and a handful of abilities that aren’t always to your advantage.

Work as a team to chase scary critters out of your campsites, while trying to send wolves and bears toward your opponents.

The Exit series by KOSMOS stands out as a captivating array of puzzle games, offering a plethora of distinct and enjoyable challenges spanning a wide range of themes. Its varying difficulty levels cater to different player groups, making it accessible to both newcomers and experienced puzzle enthusiasts.