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Card Game

A game that primarily uses cards as the basis for gameplay.

Building flowers one petal at a time, players compete for control of the garden and the flowers themselves in a game that is beautiful, strategic, and relaxing.

A unique twist on the word game genre, in Letter Tycoon players create a letters empire by purchasing patents to letters and earning points whenever one of their letters appears in an opponent’s word.

The Mind is a cooperative card game about becoming in tune with your teammates. Players are dealt a hand of cards ranging between one and one hundred, and each round you are dealt a bigger and bigger hand. Without words or gestures, players must attempt to play all their cards, each round, in ascending order.
Will you learn how to read your partners?

A fast-playing little card game with take-that and memory elements. Players are elephants trying to clear out all the junk in the circus tent. Get rid of the cards in your hand, deplete the draw pile, and toss the last of your trash to win the game.

Players alternate between giving clues and guessing, in this two player variant of the popular party game Codenames.

Take on missions across the map, each of which will force you to adapt your strategy and try out new approaches.

Deduce the antidote while hiding what you know from other players. Pass cards, discard, or steal from each other as your cards slowly count down to the moment of truth. Do you have the antidote? Or have you let the cure slip through your fingers?

Players are aspiring heroes bidding on the vaults of dead adventurers. Each round players take turns being the auction master, auctioning off the items inside a vault. But the players bidding can only see a select number of the items, and will have to bid based off of partial information.
Collect items your hero is particularly interested in to score extra points and create item combos, in order to win the Vault Wars!

In this fairy tale card game, one player is Jack, trying to steal treasure, and the other player is the giant.

Jack must collect beanstalk cards in order to steal the treasure, while the other player manipulates the cards, trying to position the giant cards correctly so that he can capture Jack and put an end to his thieving ways.

Hardback combines deck-building with word games. Each card in the game has a letter on it. You create words with the letters in your hand to earn cents to buy more cards and to earn prestiage.
The game ends once someone reaches sixty prestige points and everyone has taken an equal number of turns. The player with the most prestige wins.