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Card Game

A game that primarily uses cards as the basis for gameplay.

Players push their luck, adding monsters into the dungeon and taking equipment away from the adventuring hero. Once every other player has bowed out, the last player left takes the hero through the dungeon.
If a hero you're taking through the dungeon succeeds, you earn one point; if the hero perishes, you take a wound. Earn two points and you win the game, take two wounds and you're eliminated.
Can you survive the dungeons you yourself had a hand in creating?

The Siblings Trouble sends you into Ancient Forests and Abandoned Junkyards as a group of adventurous kids. Can you stop the Queen of Atlantis or the Bloated Spider?

Get ready to tell stories and roll dice, as you explore these dark and dangerous locations and find your way home!

In 5-Minute Dungeon 2-5 players team up to try and conquer a variety of obstacles that stand between them, and defeating the boss in the final chamber.

Players are skiers, with rockets attached to their skies, and they’re racing down a mountain. Unfortunately you have to contend with both a yeti and an avalanche on your way down! And if you go to fast, you may have a crash!

The goal of the game is to create several sets of birds. Each set must be of a different color of bird, and each set must contain a card depicting one of that color of bird, followed by the cards depicting two and three of that bird, in order. On your turn, you flip one of the bird cards on the table. If the bird (or birds) on the newly revealed side can be added to your collection, you do so, otherwise you place the card anywhere back on the table.

An escape room game packed into one single deck of cards. Players are trapped in the Laboratory of Doctor Thyme, in the room full of puzzles that need solving in order to escape the room and secure a job with the famous doctor!

WordSpiel is a simple, spiraling word game that keeps gameplay quick and turns short. Each round, players are dealt ten cards. The goal of each round is to be the first to get rid of all your cards. Create a new word based off the last card (or cards) play, and watch the spiral grow! 

The goal of Martial Art is to either win twelve land points or three bridge icons. Each player chooses a card from his hand and places it face down on the table. The cards are then flipped and the card with the highest value wins. However, some cards have special abilities which can change the tide of war.

Players are competing for donuts, drafting them simultaneously from the donut row. But if two or more players go after the same donut, no one gets it and it’s immediately discarded.

Each round is fast and the simulations gameplay keeps everyone involved. The rules are also quite simple and easy to teach, and could easily be played by families (though everyone is likely to want a donut afterwards!).