2021 | Casual Game Revolution


Step into a bustling marketplace of ancient Egypt, where fortunes await those who can master the art of collecting goods, selling sets, and enlisting the aid of formidable allies.

A triva game about answering questions across a range of generations. Earn bonus points each time you answer one outside of your own generation.

A cooperative, thematic party game about giving each other clues to find each other’s paths from word to word.

Dive deep into the ocean, avoiding sharks and seeking aid from turtles and manta rays as you race your opponents to the bottom, while guessing how deep certain objects are in a stack of transparent cards.

Choose carefully which objectives you try to complete in this tasty game of collecting chips.

Adapt to the shifting board, change your colors, and blend in to hunt down colorful bugs.

Create beautiful works of art one element at a time and earn points for the striking artwork that results.

Help supply the cities with energy, in this game that is a unique combination of engine building and dexterity.

Pick an object for the turn, spin to find out what strange unit of measurement you’ll be using this round, and then guess the size of the chosen object in that unit! The player with the closest guess wins the most points!

Take a trip back to summer camp, earn badges, master new skills, and enjoy a wonderful, summer experience in this lightweight deck-builder.