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CGI#13: Tiny Epic Galaxies, Game Cafés, Gen Con, and House Rules

Build a galactic empire in Tiny Epic Galaxies, a 30-minute game by Gamelyn Games that offers an epic experience in a tiny box.

Plus: the rise of board game cafés, highlights from Gen Con 2015, problems with the Roll and Move mechanic, changing a game with variants and universal mutators, and Bananagrams' journey from 0 to 6.5 million copies sold.

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Fall 2015
Chris James, Matt Thrower, Charlie Hoopes, Naomi Laeuchli, Rich Hutnik, Eric Huemmer
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Love Tiny Epic Galaxies!

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Great issue. TEG looks great, and Bananagrams is one of my favorite word games of all time.

Jonathan D'Silva
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Nice! Keep up the good work!

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Haven't heard of the magazine before, but it looks interesting, and I am seriously considering purchasing it.

Eric Shearer
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Looks good!

Keri Miller
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I did not know about this magazine!  My son will love it!  Thank you for the giveaway!

Travis P.
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I like the 'Absence of Choice' article. An historical perspective of board games is a refreshing change from the "Cult of the New" social media hype that pervades so much of the culture of modern board games.

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Woot!  Another awesome issue!

Stephy Casstevens
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Awesome another great gaming magazine :) 

Can't wait for mine to arrive!  Interested in reading about the board game cafes.

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You guys are awesome. I read every issue!
Brad R
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With Tiny Epic Galaxies on the cover and rise of gaming cafes listed, this has to be a great issue.

Shawn Marier
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Looking forward to seeing my first physical issue.

Nuno Santos
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Looks really good!

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Looks cool, I just got my copy of Tiny Epic Galaxies so I am interested to see what you guys think about it.

Aaron Mitchell
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Awesome magazine!  I love it!

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A solid issue, full; of great game reviews and good articles. I've really enjoyed watching to progression of the magazine!

Jason McCracken
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Good stuff! Tiny Epic Galxies FTW!

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Great article on "roll and move" games.

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The Tiny Epic games look good. I like that they do not take too long to play.

I see that you also have some info on playing games with variants. I think that could be very nice to breathe new life into a game.

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Looks great!

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Looks great for people who play games.