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CGI#36: Maglev Metro, Tabletop Olympics, Tips for Game Night, and Big Potato Games

In Maglev Metro by Bezier Games, players build a futuristic rail system to transport robots and commuters across two different metropolitan areas.

Plus: the best games for creating your own tabletop Olympics, the do's and don'ts of hosting a game night, finding a new game to play (when the options are limitless), Qwixx strategy tips, how Big Potato Games became a hot publisher, and a FREE print-and-play game: Artisans of the Taj Mahal by Chris Kingsnorth. Our readers also discuss the most addicting board games.

This issue also features reviews of Tiny Epic Galaxies BLAST OFF!, Umbra Via, The Sherlock Files, Dungeon Academy, Crossed Words, Bravo!, Smart 10, and a special review of Cloud City by Major Fun.

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Summer 2021
Andrew Brassleay, Bayard Catron, Gerry Brook, Dann Albright, Pete Mesling, Justin Spicer, Naomi Laeuchli, Stephen Conway
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Would love to see brief previews of articles online.
Travis P.
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The tabletop olympics idea is interesting enough, but the content from the preview page doesn't seem to do it justice. Hopefully the article does it justice in the full issue.

James Curnalia
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Love to see Gamelyn Games reviewed. 

Os Money
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Would like to hear more about upcoming in-person events

A deductive game featuring Sherlock Holmes piques my interest,

Mitchell D
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Great issue like always

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Love this mag!

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Giveaway looks fantastic!
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Awesome issue. Thank you 

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I really enjoy the magazine

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Always interesting and colorful issue to keep all interested.

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Awesome, as always!

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It looks like another great issue.

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Great job!

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Looking forward to reading this issue.

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Looking forward to my new issue.

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Thank you for the great content!
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I'm intrigues!

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Great BG Mag.  So many have gone under, but CGR is running strong!

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Pete Donegan
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The Artisans of Taj Mahal has me interested just of the title alone! For some reason it makes me think of 5 Tribes or Artisans of the West Kingdom
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I agree. With everything opening up more, in-person events are a big interest.

Kym R Lindsey
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Love the magazine! With little time to play so many great games, I rely on CGI as a tool to help educate my customers as well as me on what's new and playable for every age and skill. Thanks so much!

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i really enjoy your reviews.

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Would it be worthwhile to add actual magnets to the trains?

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Love the issue!! Love to win!! Thanks for the chance!!

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I think the thing I appreciate most are the quick reviews which include how much strategy / interaction / time / etc. are invloved. Thank you.

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Enjoyed the Print and Play