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Medieval Lords

This month finds some truly gorgeous artwork on Kickstarter, a game about growing flowers, a solo game that puts you in the role of the French resistance, a social deduction game of villagers and demons, and…high school volleyball?

There are games aplenty which offer players an experience intended to transport them to fantastical, futuristic, or even horrifying settings, but there is also another type of game which tries to perfectly encapsulate feeling grounded in reality. In this particular instance we’re talking about a game called Sweet Spot which attempts to replicate the act of playing a professional game of tennis through the medium of a simple card game. Sweet Spot is a 2-4 player game which pits participants against each other in a deeply strategic game of tennis.

It seems to be the month for dice games, with more than a few of the games on this list featuring lots of dice and rolling. However If you're more interested in miniatures than dice, you might also want to check out Cryptozoic's Ghostbusters.