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New Kickstarter Game Emulates all the Thrills of a Vigorous Tennis Match

Sweet Spot

There are games aplenty which offer players an experience intended to transport them to fantastical, futuristic, or even horrifying settings, but there is also another type of game which tries to perfectly encapsulate feeling grounded in reality. In this particular instance we’re talking about a game called Sweet Spot which attempts to replicate the act of playing a professional game of tennis through the medium of a simple card game. Sweet Spot is a 2-4 player game which pits participants against each other in a deeply strategic game of tennis. The entire game fits in a box slightly larger than a standard wallet, and still somehow manages to evoke the quick and sometimes frantic feel of an actual tennis match.

The title Sweet Spot refers to the overarching strategy of the game. During the setup players choose from a selection of character cards, each with their own unique ability. The object of the game is to score the most points and is accomplished by manipulating the speed of the ball to set up a perfect shot. Players effect the ball through the use of a variety of different cards which are all designed, named, and inspired by actual moves in professional tennis. Each card maneuver also comes with a stamina cost meaning that players must be careful not to wear themselves out, and allow their opponent to score an easy point. After a point is scored players regain some lost stamina, and refill their hands from the 3 available decks of cards. Balancing a hand with the right amount and types of cards is just as important to the strategy as knowing exactly when to play them. Several moves can also be done in secret to surprise or psyche out opponents. All these elements end up creating a card game that is highly strategic yet mechanically simple.

Designer Dominic Michael H. announced the game to the backers of Kickstarter earlier today, so if tennis and cards are your thing make sure to keep an eye open for this unique project. For additional information, images, and gameplay tutorials make sure to visit Sweet Spot’s page on