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Best Casual Game of the Year Award

Casual Game of the Year badgeThe games that have received this award are to be considered the "best-of-the-best" for the year in which they are published. This award is chosen by our team using the following process:

1. Our team members select their top 5 games from the year, based on gameplay, aesthetics, and originality
2. The lists are compared and debated among our team
3. The winning game is selected unanimously



Players compete to sew the coziest quilt as they collect and place patches of different colors and patterns, aiming for aesthetics as well as a quilt that will attact cuddly cats.

In Point Salad, there are six different types of vegetable cards, and every card has a different scoring method on the back. Players draft combinations of veggies and scoring methods to try to score the most points. With over 100 ways to score points, each game offers a unique experience.

Winner of our Best Casual Game of 2018 award, Welcome To… takes the rolling out of roll and writes, using cards to bring more strategic choices to the genre.

Players are city planners and each turn must choose from one of three sets of house number and special effect to add to their plan of a neighborhood. House numbers must be lined up in ascending order, so placement is everything!

In Sagrada, players are attempting to build beautiful stained glass windows by drafting colored dice and playing them in various patterns in their windows. The more complicated the pattern, the more tools they'll have at their disposal, but the greater the risk.

Create lovely patterns, complete objectives, and compete for the most gorgeous window.