Snakesss | Casual Game Revolution


Game Description: 
Snakesss is a trivia and social deduction game mashed up into one. In each round, a trivia question is posed with three possible answers. Players are assigned different roles, including Ordinary Human, Snakes, and The Mongoose of Truth. After revealing the question, the Snakes secretly peek at the correct answer. Then everyone debates for two minutes — the Snakes try to deceive the other players, while The Mongoose of Truth is a trustworthy source of unbiased information (who players know is definitely not a Snake). After the timer ends, players each select the answer they believe is correct. Ordinary Humans and The Mongoose earn points for guessing correctly, while Snakes earn points for each incorrect answer.
What we love about this game: Social deduction is nothing new, but Snakesss game offers a truly unique and elegant mashup. First off, the trivia is just fun in and of itself — there are lots of surprising and fun facts. But throw in the Snakes who are secretly trying to persuade the other players, and it just makes for a good time. It's so much easier to teach than other social deduction games, and it also doesn't feel as stressful for players who aren't comfortable being singled out. There is no accusation phase, per se — just select an answer and see if you're correct.
CGR Rating: 
Number of Players: 
4 to 8
Playing Time: 
30 minutes
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Year Published: