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A Rapid Review of Duck! Duck! Go!

Duck! Duck! Go!
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Duck! Duck! Go! is a bathtub racing game from APE Games that had us smiling from the very moment we opened the box. The assortment of rubber duckies included in the game are both humorous and well-made and are central to the charm of the game. The box sent to us includes an alien duck and dead duck, among others, which are just a few of the over 150 varieties offered by the publisher.

In the game, players build a bathtub race track using large hexagonal tiles and attempt to be the first to direct their ducky to each of the checkpoints (buoys) and reach the finish line (the drain). Cards containing pre-determined movement patterns are selected and played by all players simultaneously. Collisions against the side of the tub or other duckies result in a 180 degree rotation, which can be a critical disadvantage, so careful planning and prediction of other players’ movement is key to winning the race. While it may appear to be only for children, Duck! Duck! Go! is a challenging and fun experience for children and adults alike.