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Casual Game Crowdfunding: Asymmetrical, Abstract, and Crash Games

Dark is the Night

A new year and a new batch of casual games hit Kickstarter.  From a couple of games with a horror theme, to abstract strategy games and light card games, there’s a wide range of choices this January.

Dark is the Night

Dark is the Night (APE Games) – In this asymmetrical board game, hunt or be hunted, as one player takes on the role of hunter and the other player takes on the role of a monster. The game board has nine squares making up the hunter's campsite, with a fire in the middle. The hunter can move around the fire. Around the campsite are 12 dark spaces which the monster moves around and which the hunter cannot enter. Each turn, both players move one space and perform an action. The player controlling the monster uses a dial to secretly move, while the hunter moves openly. The hunter has multiple ways to attack into the darkness or create light in it, while the monster tries to move next to the hunter in order to slash out and kill the hunter.

Tao Long

Tao Long (Gonzalo Aguirre Bisi) – In this two player game, each player takes on the role of a dragon, seeking to defeat the other. Each dragon has a head and three tile segments. If you take four points of damage, you lose one segment. Once all three segments are lost, you have lost the game. Each round is made up of two phases — the first is the spirit phase, in which players manipulate stones, by picking up a pile of them and depositing them in a counter clockwise circle. The results of where they land in the circle will affect the matter phase, during which you move your dragon around the board. It is on the board that the dragons meet and attack each other.

Crash Games

Get 2 Great Games & Help Save Crash Games (Crash Games) – Back this Kickstarter for one or two games. In Backyard Builders Treehouse, players are building up a tree house in a ten minute game. On your turn you place a card onto your treehouse. Each card has two floors, and each floor has a number and a color. When adding the next card on top of the previous one, you must either match the number or color of the connecting floors. In Fish Frenzy, you are a seagull trying to catch fish. As a seagull, you visit ships, sometimes having to battle it out with other seagulls by spending fish tokens. Once you have a boat all to yourself, you can either choose to collect the fish cards connected to it, or choose to collect fish tokens. Players earn points at the end of the game based on who collects the most of each type of fish card. But more important than the games, is the fact that you can help support a wonderful game company that has produced some great games but is currently facing some financial difficulties.

Sub Terra

Sub Terra (Inside the Box Board Games) – In this cooperative survival horror game, players must work together to explore a cave as they search for a way out before their flashlights run out of batteries. To make matters worse the cave is full of floods, gas leaks, and monsters. Each player will also have a unique character with unique abilities, and the cave is made up of tiles which you place as you explore, meaning that the cave will be different every time you play.

Lost World Lunch

Lost World Lunch (Richard A. Johnson)Lost World Lunch is a bright and colorful, family-friendly card game in which you play as a dinosaur trying to gain victory points by biting, stomping, clawing, or smashing Victorian-era hunters. Each dinosaur is dealt three hunters and they race against the other players to defeat them. In order to defeat a hunter you must play attack cards which match all the symbols on the hunter's card. You also gain extra points if you defeat a hunter who is hunting your dinosaur specifically. Special cards will also allow you to sabotage your opponents.


RobotLab (Adam McCrimmon) – You are an inventor racing against other players to build your robot. In the game you use cards to put together a robot. Some of your cards won't match your robot, though, and you can either discard those unwanted cards, or play them onto another player's robot to set them back. Special ability cards can also give you a boost or sabotage your opponent. A successful robot has a head, a body, two legs, and two arms, all of the same color.

Khan of Khans

Khan of Khans (Chaosium Inc.) – Players are warlords raiding nearby lands trying to gather cattle. On your turn you decide which of the lands you wish to raid. You draw the top card from that land's deck, flipping it over to reveal what you've raided, which can range from more cows, the ability to steal cows from other players, or maybe more resistance than you expected which will force you to discard cattle.

Full disclosure: unless otherwise noted, we have not seen or played any of the above games. Our assessment of each is based on the information given on the crowdfunding project page.