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Deadwood: This Town IS Big Enough for the Two of Us

Deadwood game

In our house there really doesn’t need to be a reason for a new game, however it is almost a guarantee that there will be one for every holiday, and Easter was no exception.  The game: Deadwood, designed by Loic Lamy and published by Fantasy Flight Games. A fairly simple game in which, depending on where you place your cowboys, you gain wanted posters, add buildings and railroads, make a little money, and you may even find yourself in a duel.

Upon our first play with 3 people we were ready to put this game away and ignore it. However, to be fair, we pulled it out a week later, and with 2 people this game was much more enjoyable, fun even!  The difference may have been that with 2 people we were a bit more aggressively charging each other. In none of the games did we find duels to be overly abundant, as the board typically has more buildings to use than you have available cowboys.

The game lists for ages 13+ and 30-60 minutes. If you have a young gamer this game could be for a 10 year old and is best done in 30 minutes. We would not want to play this game for an hour.

Shelly says:

I like the quality of the components. Game board and pieces all have a nice appearance and are constructed out of durable materials. No flimsy paper money to rip and crinkle. The rules were easy to learn and explain. I do, however; wish that more shootouts were "forced"… It almost has a "This Town IS big enough for the two of us" feel to it. Overall, though, I would say this game is enjoyable and worth saddling up for.

Trisha says:

I too like the pieces, and the wooden dice are a nice touch.  I think the game would move better if each person had their own set of descriptions for the buildings and a few more cowboys in their gang so perhaps a real territory battle could take place.

In the end, the game isn’t bad. The concept is unique and we haven’t seen a playing mechanism quite like this one. This game is a refreshing change of pace.

On a scale of 1 to 5 meeples we both agree on 3.

Shelly & Trisha are two professional women who enjoy gaming in their free time and someday hope to own a game store.