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Pizza Theory: A Review and Giveaway

Pizza Theory
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Pizza Theory, by Gryphon Games, offers a new way to play with your food. A thick, juicy pizza is hot out of the oven, but there are no toppings — and what good is a pizza without toppings? This is where you come in: be the first to get all of your toppings on the pizza and you’ll be the master chef.

The game rules are very simple. On each round, players place a topping of their own color anywhere on the pizza that is not adjacent to other toppings of their color. They then secretly choose a location near them (numbered 1 through 6) on which they will slice the pizza. Sticks that represent the slices are then placed on the board and each individual section may gain or lose some toppings, depending on which color dominates that section.

Pizza Theory takes the usual battle over pizza toppings to a whole new level. It is quick and easy to learn, yet requires strategic thought and planning. Without exception, it left us hungry for a second helping — can you play it just once?

Now you can win a brand new copy of Pizza Theory to try for yourself! Use the form below to enter.

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This looks fun.  My current fav casual game is Survive! Ecsape from Atlantis.

Adam Buckingham
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I love Pizza, and I love games, so why wouldn't I love a game about pizza!?!

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We are always fighting over which pizza toppings to get, might as well make it into a game ;)

Carl Miller
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Is this game so good, I will want it delivered?

Can't wait to get my first Casual Gamer. Kickstarted it with pride.

This game looks great. Current favorite casual game in my group is King of Tokyo.

Toby Merida
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It is a fun and easy game.  The 'pizza' box it comes in is pure genius!


Jay Sluyter
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My favorite casual game is Forbidden Island.

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looks fun!

melissa Resnick
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I love Pizza, and I love games

jean krausert
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this seems like it will be fun it seems like an old fashion board game theres some family time happening here.

Mery Kanashiro
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Looks great!  I love new and independent game designers.

J. Riddell
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I love pizza. I love games. I love pizza games.

Misty Lunceford
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This looks fun! My kids kids would love this for game night.

Carla S
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I love playing board games.This game looks like alot of fun.I'm hungry now.

Awesome! I love the concept of this game. Simple, qwirky, and fun :)

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This game looks yummy! Lol.

Kristen Weigel
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My family LOVE pizza this sounds like fun