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A Rapid Review of Zombie Dice

Zombie Dice
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Steve Jackson Games has a well established pedigree in the role-playing game market and Zombie Dice is a nice departure from the stat heavy books of their GURPS line.

Zombie Dice comes with 13 dice, a small rule sheet and a nice dice cup featuring zombie art. The one-page rule sheet is presented in an easily digested format which takes only a few minutes to understand and then you are playing. Play consists of blindly selecting 3 of the dice from the provided dice cup (green, yellow, or red, each with a different probability of rolling footprints, shotgun blasts and the sought after brains). On each turn, the player sets aside the brains and shotgun blasts, adds more dice to the footprints to total 3, and re-rolls. Three blasts and the turn ends with zero points; choose to stop and the brains are tallied. The first to 13 wins.

The components are high quality and the game lends itself to outrageous trash talk and puns: “Do you have the guts to roll again? Still no brains? If you had more brains, you would have stopped rolling.” Of course, the decorum and snark of your group may cause your results to vary.

This game is simple, fast, addictive, and perfect for a quick game when you only have a few minutes to play. It is also easily portable using the dice cup and its solid snap-on lid.