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News Flash: New Z-Man Games, Review of Casual Game Insider

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  • Z-Man Games has confirmed they'll be releasing several new games in the US in time for the Christmas season, including Carcassonne South Seas.
  • Read Today in Board Games’ review of Casual Game Insider and its iOS app.
  • New reviews this week of Off Your Rocker (Game Theory), Goblins Drool, Fairies Rule! (Major Fun) and Bugs in the Kitchen (Play Board Games).
  • Z-Man Games hosted a party to celebrate their game Carcassonne in which they put together a 4000-piece mural with game tiles. You can watch the video of them creating the mural on Youtube.
  • Check out Geek Dad’s article on micro games and some of their favorite examples.
  • Theology of Games interviews Yehuda Berlinger, the designer of the family-friendly strategy game Candle Quest.
  • Terre Nova Games has announced the launch of their new game Ophir in 2014.
  • A director duo named Dark Igloo has put together a fun mock-commercial for Bored Game, a non-existent product that combines components of over twenty nostalgic toys and games. Lots of fun to watch and try to name all the games used.