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Casual Game Crowdfunding: Bigfoot, Sharks, and Vikings


This month, Kickstarter has a couple of interesting two-player games and several board games with fun looking themes. Microgames are still being pitched and Game Salute is seeking funding for two separate campaigns.


Bigfoot (Game Salute) – A two-player game in which one player takes the role of Bigfoot and the other plays the Cryptozoologist attempting to capture him. Each turn the Cryptozoologist must lay down two paths, after which Bigfoot chooses which of the paths he will take and which path the other player will take, which lends the game an element of bluffing as the two players try and predict each other’s moves. If Bigfoot sets off sensors or cameras, the Cryptozoologist receives clues to Bigfoot's lairs. If the Cryptozoologist correctly guesses in six rounds all five of the secret lairs, he wins the game.

Let Them Eat Shrimp!

Let Them Eat Shrimp! (Dr. Finn's Games)Let Them Eat Shrimp! is a tile-laying family game in which players receive fish tiles and place them on the board. If the fish is placed on top of eggs, the player receives more fish tiles, on shrimp and the player receives victory points, or on sharks and they must role a die to see which fish gets eaten. The game comes with multiple boards and both beginner and advanced rules to allow play to be adjusted for different age groups.


Shipwrights of the North Sea (Garphill Games) – A Viking themed game set in 1000 AD, players compete to build ships and buildings, collect oak, wool and iron to build them and hire craftsmen. You can also use tools and townsfolk to help you out, while some cards can be played to hurt your opponents.


Alchemy! (Aviary Games) – With artwork inspired by the middle ages, Alchemy! is a card game in which everyone plays apprentice alchemists. Every game a random collection of potions are laid out on the table, which players attempt to make by using cards to transmute materials. Additional cards allow players to sabotage each other or give themselves advantages. Once made, potions may either be saved in order to achieve the most victory points at the end of the game or used for their special abilities.

The Goose Egg Game

The Goose Egg Game (Happy Android Ideas) – This is a quick and simple card game that was invented when its designers wanted to play cards with an incomplete deck. The first player to have five cards in his hand equaling zero points wins. With attack cards that can force players to discard their hands, players on the verge of winning can easily be set back.

Dungeon Scroll

Dungeon Scroll (Game Salute) – Explore a dangerous dungeon, combat magical traps and mystical creatures with magic words, all while on a quest to find the Syllabus of the Lost Syllable. Dungeon Scroll is run fantasy game with a twist. Instead of using swords and weapons to fight enemies, players build words. Different letters are worth different amounts of points and the words worth the most points earn gold. The player at the end of the game with the most gold wins. The dungeon and challenges faced each game are randomized, making each game a little different.


Province (Laboratory) – A microgame for two players that takes inspiration from Eurogames, Province is about managing resources and worker placement. However, players use a communal worker pool to build various structures and your opponent can move workers leaving you without needed recourse.

Disclosure: unless otherwise noted, we have not seen or played any of the above games. Our assessment of each is based on the information given on the crowdfunding project page.