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News Flash: Zombie Dice Expansion, Wizard Poker

Zombie Dice 3

  • Zombie Dice 3 – School Bus, a new expansion, has been announced for May.
  • Hyperbole Games has released a print-and-play game called Wizard Poker. Inspired by poker, the game is point based rather than being about money, has a play time of thirty to sixty minutes and lets players use fun abilities that mixes things up.
  • Hyperbole Games has also published an article on the fun and challenge that a little bit of random chance brings to a game, as compared to a game that is completely based on strategy and planning.
  • The New Yorker has written a profile on Klaus Teuber, the man who designed the classic board game Catan.
  • New reviews this week of ROFL (GeekDad), Space Sheep (iSlaytheDragon), Gunrunners and Scripts and Scribes: The Dice Game (Troll in the Corner).
  • Gale Force Nine announced at the NY Toy Fair two new board games based off of popular TV shows, Homeland and Black Sails.
  • Across the Board Games has posted a list of the top five gaming gifts for couples.
  • The Register-Mail has posted an article on the different mechanics games use and finding the right one for your family.