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News Flash: New Games Announced by Z-Man Games, Green Couch Games

Sky Tango
  • Z-Man Games has announced two new games. Sky Tango will be released in February, and is a card game about the passage of time. Traders of Osaka will put players in charge of cargo vessels and will be released sometime in the summer.
  • Green Couch Games has announced Best Treehouse Ever, which will be their second game to date. Players compete to build the best tree house as they draft cards and add rooms. The game will have a Kickstarter campaign in March and will be released late this year.
  • Rio Grande Games has announced a new Dominion expansion named Adventures.
  • New reviews this week of Ladies & Gentlemen (Clever Move), Paperback (Board Game Reviews by Josh), and Biblios Dice (Troll in the Corner).
  • Renegade Game Studios and Foxtrot Games have reached an agreement to co-publish Lanterns, which had a successfully Kickstarter campaign in 2014.
  • The Board Game Family has posted some tips about the best way to learn the rules to a new game.
  • Clever Move has posted an article titled 6 Reasons Board Games Make an Awesome Hobby. (Though I am fairly certain that in reality, the number of reasons are endless.)
  • The Guardian has written a brief piece about the success of games of all kinds found on Kickstarter in 2014.