News Flash: Fluxx Dice, Passport and Pegasus Spiele Partnership | Casual Game Revolution

News Flash: Fluxx Dice, Passport and Pegasus Spiele Partnership

Fluxx Dice

  • Looney Labs has released a new expansion for Fluxx. Fluxx Dice introduces dice to the game which takes the place of the usual "Drawn One, Play one" rules and can be used with any Fluxx deck. The expansion is scheduled for release on August 28.
  • Passport Game Studios has announced a new partnership with Pegasus Spiele which will see the addition of two new games to Passport's catalog this July. Hospital Rush is a a casual, worker placement game set in a hospital in which 3 to 5 players strive to make it from intern to doctor. Grog Island is a 2 to 4 player game that explores the oft neglected world of retired pirates.
  • AEG has announced the four winning factions that will appear in the Smash Up: It's Your Fault expansion. The factions will be Sharks, Superheroes, Greek Myth (yay!...guess which one I voted for) and Dragons.
  • New reviews this week of Witness (Shut Up and Sit Down), Castle Panic: The Dark Titan (Opinionated Gamers), and Linko! (Theology of Games).
  • The Dicey Goblin has written a guide to choosing the right game to play.
  • Giant Fire Breathing Robot has posted a short blog piece about knowing your board gaming tastes and keeping an open mind.
  • Clever Move has written an article about how well Bezier Games packages their expansions and why this is important.
  • Fireside Games has posted a short unboxing video of Bears!: Trail Mix'd. You can watch it here if you want to see a sneak peek of what the expansion looks like.