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News Flash: New Fantasy Games and Monopoly Film Goes Forward


  • Two fantasy-themed board games have been released in the past couple of weeks. Fantasy Flight has released a new edition of Drakon, a board game in which players attempt to collect gold from a dungeon and avoid being eaten by a dragon. The Dungeon Fighter expansion Fire at Will has also been released by IELLO recently.
  • The Monopoly movie has been in the works for over seven years. It has recently been announced that Hasbro will now be teaming up with Lionsgate to create the film.
  • Fireside Games has posted a list of games to play this summer.
  • New reviews this week of Qwixx (The Game Aisle), Spinergy (Sahm Reviews), and Machi Koro: Harbor Expansion (Shut Up and Sit Down).
  • The Escapist has written about H+ Technology's Holus, a tabletop sized piece of holographic technology which can be used to display 3D images from devices connected to it by a USB or HDMI cord. The article briefly talks about the obvious uses for gaming and digital board games. If the technology advances, it does seem like it could have some intriguing possibilities for board games, especially given the number of games already using mixed media (XCOM: The Board Game for example).
  • Board Game Quest has posted an interesting article on how gaming can help your career, while LifeHacker has written a list of games that will teach you real-life skills.
  • In India, one woman has been using fabrics to recreate classic board games which can actually be used to play the games. It's an interesting idea and I can think of a number of games I'd like to have an embroidered board for (Tales of the Arabian Nights? The Witches?).
  • Attack of the Fan Boy has published a list of five great board games that video game fans might enjoy.
  • Paste Magazine has published a list of ten great games for winning non-gamers over to the hobby.