News Flash: New Games from IELLO and Ares, Tiny Epic Western Giveaway

Jolly Roger

  • Two games from Ares Games hit store shelves this week, Jolly Roger and Co-Mix. You can read more about the games here.
  • IELLO released four new casual games last week: Nyet!, Sapiens, Alien Wars, and Me Want Cookies.
  • Gamelyn Games is hosting a giveaway of the prototype for their new game in the Tiny Epic series: Tiny Epic Western.
  • New reviews this week of Mars Attacks: Ten-Minute Takedown (, Gold West (Theology of Games), and Niagara (Opinionated Gamers).
  • Tech In Asia has written an interesting piece about the presence of apps and technology in board games. 
  • SlashFilm has a list of board games for Star Wars fans. Maybe it's time to start planning a game night?
  • And for some tips on how to host a board game night for friends who aren't typically gamers, you can check out this article from Lifehacker.
  • The Erie Reader has some suggestions for gaming on Thanksgiving.