2016 Tabletop Gaming Conventions: A Comprehensive List

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One of the pillars of the American boardgaming industry is a thriving circuit of conventions. These gatherings attract gamers from hobbyists to publishers, cult-of-the-new developers to die-hard devotees. While these tabletop game conventions vary in size, focus, and time of year, an overall love of the hobby permeates each one. Finding the right convention for a specific gaming atmosphere is possible across the United States and, in some cases, found at sea!

Enjoy the potential of convention experiences throughout the coming year and happy gaming! (Note: this list is primarily intended for the U.S., with major international events also permitted.)

UPDATE 1/12/2016: In order to make this list as correct and comprehensive as possible, we have opened it up to the public. The Google spreadsheet below contains the latest information available.

Click here to add conventions or update the information in this list. Please be careful — any edits you make will be saved publicly.

Originally from Alaska, Danica is an active board game community member in Florida. She volunteers in several areas including local conventions, area meetups, and online groups throughout the year. While her board game tastes range from dungeon crawls to party games, Danica has a special interest in behind-the-scenes development involving any mechanic. She is ever the outgoing introvert, though not shy about helping grow the industry she loves.

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I am the organizer of STGCON in St. George, UT. Thank you for including us on the list. Once we have our dates confirmed, how can we update you?
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Nice list!  Looks like Nexus is on there both in May and June, but I believe the May dates are the actual dates.  Also, here's one to add if you like - https://www.facebook.com/events/889903471044863/


All the best,

Mark CMG


Bevan Dawson
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I don't know if it's too late to be added to this list, but we have a growing con in San Angelo, TX that isn't on the list. West Texas TableTop Con Www.WestTexasTableTop.com San Angelo, TX September 9-10, 2016
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Con on the Cob is another Con that happens in Northeast Ohio in the fall.



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Ghengiscon is in Aurora, CO not aurora, CA Awesome list!
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GenghisCon is in Aurora Co not Aurora Ca. Awesome list!
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Missing a few conventions on there. South Dakota has a few coming up this year Vermincon, Siouxpercon, etc etc....is there a way to submit other convention/events that are missing from the list?

Can you add WGGCon?

September 2 to 4

Croton-on-Hudson, NY


Board games

Wendy Lord
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FYI - Nexus Game Fair in Milwaukee is in your list twice. The accurate date is in May. (It was in June last year.)

Mike O'Brien
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PacifiCon is always on Labor Day weekend, so September 2-5. 

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You missed at least 3 conventions in upstate NY. Running Gagg is at SUNY Geneseo is January 29-31

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Rubicon will be held on the RIT campus in Rochester NY on February 26-28.        UBCon will be held at the University of Buffalo on April15-17 in Buffalo NY.

Not so comprehensive.  Missing Mepacon, the Middle-Eastern Pennsylvania Gaming Convention.
Held twice a year.

April 22-24 in Scranton, PA
and again in the fall.

Great list!  Thanks for putting it together.  There are several Ohio cons that could be added...

AnCon: http://www.anothergamecon.com/

Con on the Cob: http://cononthecob.com/

MarCon: http://marcon.org/

WittCon: http://www4.wittenberg.edu/student_organizations/rpguild/conventions/wit...

How did you miss FallCon in Calgary Alberta Canada the biggest Boardgame convention north of the border? Sept 30-Oct 2 2016?  www.FallCon.com 

I posted this over on facebook, but I think titling this fantastic list as you did makes it sound exclusive to boardgames. I would suggest changing it to "Tabletop Gaming Conventions" or something like that.

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May 6-8  MarCon  Columbus, OH  http://www.marcon.org Fantasy, Sci-Fi convention with Gaming 

Can you add SushCon? 

It's a free games convention at the Waccamaw Neck Branch Library in Pawleys Island SC. We will have video games, board & card games, RPGs, cosplay, and anime. 

41 St Paul Place
Pawleys Island SC 29585

Games run: 
8:00am - 10:00pm on Friday the 11th & Saturday the 12th 
8:00am - 6:00pm on the Sunday 13th


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Not very comprehensive. Tri-Con Spring, Tri-Con Fall, and Nuke-Con are all missing. And if you include single day game days, then add 3 Kit-Cons and 3 Aftermath to the list of missing.

Candi Norwood
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Camp Nerdly is May 13-15 this year and is lots of fun! Includes RPGs, board games, and larps plus home-cooked meals!

This list is great but it is far from comprehensive. How are shows added?

If we know of other conventions to add to this list, what's the best way to go about making that happen?

Raymond Rappaport
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Here are some more you did could add

Feb 20/21  www.mga.com  in Macon, GA  Comic and Pop Culture convention with a gaming program


May 6-8 www.cmonexpo.com  in Atlanta, GA  Gaming convention sponsored by Cool Mini or Not.  Features their games as well as other tabletop games,  Featuring designers and a chance to play many prototype and soon to be released games


Mar 25-27 Wondercon in Los Angeles CA  Extremely Large Pop Culture and Comics convention with gaming programs

July 21-24 San Diego Comic Con international.  Has a gaming program that runs the length of the convention and takes up multiple floors of one of the hotels adjacent to the convention center

Sep 1-4 www.novaopen.com  Arlington, VA Primarily miniatures gaming event with some board game elements


If you wish to add them to your list


Holly Forbis
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The Northwest Miniature Gaming Society holds Enfilade! in Olympia, Washington on May 27 - 29 (Memorial Day Weekend). Historical miniature wargaming.



This is a very nice list.  However, you should add Gamehole Con to it.  We are an annual tabletop gaming con in Madison, WI.  Our dates are November 4-6, 2016. You list Crafter Con above.  That is actually part of Gamehole Con.  Specifically, that is a track of game design seminars at our overall show.  We will have over 2000 attendees and feature some of the best game designers in the industry.  Thanks again for promoting our hobby!



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11 to 14 Ghengiscon Aurora CA http://www.gamersforvets.org/ Gaming convention, supports veterans

Correction, Aurora, Colorado (CO) not CA

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Member Since: 01/12/2016

Warren County Sci-Fi Fantasy Day in Washington, NJ  May 21, 2016

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Site Admin
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Thanks for all the helpful comments, everyone!

We started to make changes to the list based on the comments, then realized that they were coming in far too fast to keep up with. So we decided to open it up to the public.

Above, you'll now see a Google spreadsheet that can be publicly edited. If you have any additions or updates, click here to edit the list.

With all of your help, we can make this a great resource! You are welcome to include Canadian conventions. For other areas, please only include the major conventions that would be of most interest to our North American audience.

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Awesome! Thank you!
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only a few in Colorado, but, better than none lol

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The original format was easier to read on my smartphone. The open format doesn't let me scroll to see the description of what kind of event it is. Also, if there are more events that I'd have to scroll through to get to the bottom of the month, it won't allow me to do that. Any chance of switching it back with a link to the Google doc or have the Google doc below it? Also, I think it may be Morristown, NJ, not "Morriston"? Thank you for publishing this, I've been looking for something like this for ages! I'm so happy you're included cruises, too! I hope this will stay updated for 2017!

You need the second Western Wargamers Conference for the year on Jun 24 - 25. http://conquestsac.com/wargames/


When you go to the Gaming4everonecon.org site they say their con is in Jan of 2017.

The actual link for Escon should be https://www.jandjgames.com/escon2016/.

John Wrot!
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Love those dice!  Where are they from!?  ; ) ; )

Gam3rcon takes place the same days as the San Diego Comic Con, but is entirely unaffiliated with the latter organization.    Unless they have unhooked themselves from Comic Con, however, this means Gam3rcon 2016 will be July 20 - 24. 


In the mean time, Gam3rcon will be holding Gam3rbowl Feb 6 - 7. https://www.facebook.com/events/148395915534914

Thank you very much for making this available. I have added the Eä Tolkien Society's annual Tolkien-based convention, Tolkien Moot XII, to the spreadsheet. For those events that have a regular annual schedule, it would be nice to have a column allowing such a listing. For example, our convention is on the 3rd weekend of July every year. Just an idea.

Again thank you for this.

Happy Gaming!

Thank for listing our Convention, Rapier.  This will be our 12th year and we continue to enjoy providing a venue for Boardgamers to enjoy their hobby.

I am the event director for Game It Forward Charity Event in Northwest Arkansas. Thank you so much for promoting our event!

John Wrot!
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This list really is amazing.  I'll be linking to it and directing to it for years to come.  A++ service to the community.  I bet there are cons near people that didn't even know about them!

Eric Portney
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Gaming Coordinator for Emerald City Comicon here. Thanks for the inclusion!

Matt Canaday
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There is a gaming convention on April 29th - May 1st of 2016 in the Omaha, NE area.





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Is this list meant to only hold gaming conventions, or are conventions where gaming is also held allowed? I'm co-head of gaming at a literary convention and wonder if it would be acceptable to add my con here.
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If board/tabletop gaming is officially a part of the event, then feel free to add it. Thanks!

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In my opinion (as a random gamer) as long as you put in the Focus column that it is a writing convention with organized gaming, it would be fair to add. There are a lot of literary nerds in the gaming world!

As of now all the events mentioned in comments have been added to the spreadsheet. To add events, please add the to the spreadsheet:


If you are unable or unwilling to edit the spreadsheet, please be sure to list the Con name, dates, location, and web link to their information for verification.

Chris Grzywacz
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I have seen several comments from people stating HEY your forgot about "TheBestFrickinConintheWorld" in the  northeast corner of Alaska (sorry Nome, I know, not located there) because they are part of it or attended once 7 years ago.  Stop bitching and add it to the list.  It is so easy to be a critic and so hard to create anything.  I just want to say thank you for putting this list together and seeking more information from others to improve it, include more people and trying to make it larger and more comprehensive.  THANK YOU!!!!

Chris Grzywacz
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Stop whining and just add them.  That is why they asked...

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Hi Chris,

I understand your sentiment and thank you for defending us. In this case, however, most of these requests were legitimate. We originally posted a read-only HTML table and a downloadable spreadsheet, and we quickly learned that we were missing a lot (and that it was going to be a huge hassle to maintain ourselves). So we opened it up for public editing after most of the comments were made.


Mike Vander Veen
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Super awesome list! I see events have been added. But, I also see that some awesome Californian or someone planning a CA vaca has created a filter that takes the list out of being sorted by date. I find the list very hard to use this way. I tried to create a sort to get back to listing by date and failed. Sorry! Any chance someone more spreadsheet savvy can create this so when someone decides to sort the Idaho cons to the top we can restore it to a date sort? THANKS! Y'all are awesome!

Robert Owen Williams
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Econocon / Game-on-icon in Plymouth, NH is the same convention.  It is April 9-10 in 2016.

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I added a leading zero to single-digit dates and formatted all dates as text. Sorting should now work for the date column (for the most part).

For anyone who wants to do custom sorting by location, event name, etc., please create your own local copy before making changes.

Option 1: File -> Make a Copy

Option 2: File -> Download As -> Microsoft Excel (or another format)