November 2019 | Casual Game Revolution

November 2019

It’s time to roll dice, fight disease, and push back the rising outbreaks of infection and epidemics! Pandemic is a beloved cooperative experience that has spawned many new editions and adaptations — how about a dice game?

It's a dangerous world and resources are scarce! Will you use your limited fuel efficiently to claim food, bricks, and territory? Or will your truck be left stranded on the side of the road?

Formerly known as Wangdo, the rebranded The Way of the Bear cleverly utilizes area management and set collection in a quick, but potentially brain-burning casual game.

Hundreds of tabletop gaming conventions, large and small, are happening all over the world in 2020. Check out our convention map to easily find gaming events near you.

Oh no! A crook has stolen the MacGuffin from the museum! You don't have much time to track the criminal down and return the object before the museum is scheduled to open.

WizKids has announced a new set collection game, Renegade Game Studios will be releasing a cooperative card game in early 2020, and Cryptozoic has released a new roll-and-write game.

The kingdom is coming along nicely, but now it’s time to create towns, construct buildings, and win the Queen to your side.

Play as Nefertiti and Akhenaten, as you compete to build the most impressive pyramids, temples, and tombs in all of Egypt.

Grand jeté your way from rehearsals to the stage, as you embark on the career of a ballet dancer and compete for the role of Prima Ballerina.

The Keymaster Games team partners with The Fifty-Nine Parks Print Series to create a game that celebrates the beauty of U.S. National Parks.