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News Flash: Codenames Pictures, Gen Con Recaps

Codenames: Pictures

Codenames: Pictures Officially Announced for 2016
Codenames: Pictures appeared at this year's Gen Con and will be generally released in September. “The 280 black-gray-white pictures have been carefully picked and designed for interesting game play. The pictures usually contain two or more elements that create witty combinations, tell interesting stories, leave some space for imagination, while still being relatively simple for good playability.”

Gen Con in Pictures
Ars Technica has posted up a recap of Gen Con…in photos. “We went to the biggest board game convention in North America. Here's what we saw.”

Top Ten Games at Gen Con
Paste Magazine ranks their 10 favorite games at this year’s Gen Con.

Asmodee Acquiring F2Z Entertainment?
Asmodee has announced that it is officially in exclusive negotiations to acquire F2Z Entertainment. “Stéphane Carville, CEO of Asmodee Group said: "I am delighted to enter into these exclusive discussions with F2Z Entertainment, which is, for us, the natural next step of a strong and long-lasting partnership built over the years…”

New Games from Rather Dashing Games!
Rather Dashing Games! has three new games coming  down the pike, Element, This Belongs in a Museum, and Strange Alliances.

Dized: An Alternative to Rulebooks
Dized appeared at this year's Gen Con, a new app that is designed to teach you how to play games without a rulebook. “Dized is a smart device application that teaches players how to play tabletop games through interactive tutorials. You can learn to play new board games without having to memorize or even touch the rulebook and it allows you to start playing immediately.”

Gloom: Digital on Kickstarter
The card game Gloom is seeking funding on Kickstarter to be adapted for PC and tablet. “Gloom, the award winning card game designed by Keith Baker and published by Atlas Games, has seen tremendous success as a physical card game, and with your help we intend to continue that success in Gloom: Digital Edition. Exploding with character and style, the denizens of Gloom are simply begging to be brought to life (so you can kill them)!”