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Casual Game Crowdfunding: Villains Rule!

One Night Ultimate Alien

Pirates, aliens, and witch doctors, oh my! This month on Kickstarter, check out how the villainous side of tabletop gaming operates with a wide selection of casual, family-friendly titles.

One Night Ultimate Alien

One Night Ultimate Alien (Bezier Games) – This fast paced social deduction and bluffing game pits players against each other to weed out the players who are really aliens in disguise. Each player is given a unique role, and follows specific instructions outlined in a free app that comes with the game. After the single night is over players then deliberate as a group and try to determine who the dangerous aliens are, and who is just an ordinary villager. One Night Ultimate Alien also adds a special mechanic referred to as a Ripple. These Ripples add randomized temporary rules to each round of the game. These rules could limit the amount of time that players have to deliberate before they vote, silence certain players from being able to talk during the deliberation, and much more.

Card Rogue: A Tabletop Roguelike

Card Rogue: A Tabletop Roguelike (Ryan Saunders) – Game developer Ryan Saunders has brought his love of Rogue-like video games to the tabletop space in this simple yet challenging card exploration game. Players choose a character class and journey into a randomly generate dungeon composed of a variety of tiles which may contain monster encounters, traps, or valuable treasure. The challenge of the dungeon is designed to be steep and require players to work together, but caution is advised since there can only be one winner crowned by the end of the game.

Word Domination

Word Domination (Uproarious Games) – This lighthearted word game puts players in the shoes of a dastardly villain who is attempting to steal the world’s priceless artifacts and landmarks through the power of spelling. The game consists of unique villain character cards inspired by classic 1970’s popular culture, letter cards which correspond to various treasures, and the special hard-to-use letters which have unique abilities which compose the player’s super-mega-evil-arsenal. The developers stress that while a word game at heart, strategic gameplay and specific design decisions make this a great game for even non-word gamers, or those with a more limited vocabulary.


Nectar (Curious Lux) – Players take on the mantel of powerful witch doctors who are attempting to create a formula for the perfect resurrection potion. Using a variety of medicinal, tool, and potion cards players will mix ingredients together to create their purified concoction. The medicinal cards can be used in a variety of ways which enables multiple play styles and victory conditions. Family friendly card and board illustrations help sell the theme of the game, and help create an engaging gaming experience.

7 Seize

7 Seize (Jeep Barnett) – This speedy pirate themed game was originally conceived using a normal deck of playing cards and some other common household items. In the game players are members of a pirate ship, each trying to secure the heaviest pile of plundered booty. Each round players vie for control of the Captain’s chair so that they can control how the loot is distributed. Once the loot has been dealt out players will play a single card from their hand, each with a special effect to try and secure the most treasures. At the end of the game players will determine the winner by literally weighing their piles of booty using the custom container which doubles as a scale.


Gadgeteers (Letiman Games) – In Gadgeteers players compete to secure control of the important parts they need to build impressive inventions. Each round participants will secretly bid on the available parts by placing their numbered character tokens face down on the parts they want. Once all the tokens have been placed they will be turned face up at the same time to determine which player won control of the part for that round. The goal of the game is to acquire the most points which can be acquired by completing inventions or saving the high numbered tokens used to secure parts until the end of the game where they end up counting for additional points if they went unused.

Full disclosure: unless otherwise noted, we have not seen or played any of the above games. Our assessment of each is based on the information given on the crowdfunding project page.