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News Flash: Dixit Revelations and Pandemic Iberia Sneak Peeks

Dixit: Revelations

Asmodee Previews Dixit Expansion
Asmodee has posted up a preview of Dixit: Revelations. "Dixit: Revelations will become available later this fall. You can pre-order it from your local retailer now."

Pandemic Iberia Sneak Peek
Z-Man Games has offered a sneak peek of some of the new rules that will appear in Pandemic Iberia. “Set in the mid-19th century, Pandemic Iberia, puts you in the roles of members of The Second Royal Philanthropic Expedition. You are embarking on a mission to discover the origins of diseases that are devastating the countryside of the Iberian Peninsula, but the modern technologies that have inspired Pandemic's original mechanics in 2008 are nowhere to be found, obviously.”

Peter Bromley Passes Away
Sadly, Peter Bromley, one of the co-founders of Mayfair Games, passed away last week. "It is with a heavy heart that we report the passing of one of Mayfair's co-founders, Peter Bromley. Peter died on September 2, 2016 after a brief illness."

Asmodee Discusses Gateway Gams
Asmodee has written an article delving into the topic of Gateway Games. "Some of us here at Asmodee are even former non-gamers who were once upon a time reluctantly lured to the table only to discover a love for rolling dice, moving meeples, placing tiles, and carefully composing a great hand of cards."

Fireside Games Talks Panic Line Variations
Fireside Games has written a helpful guide to the differences between their Panic games. "Now, friends are debating which variation in the Panic line is their favorite. That, of course, means they are talking about the differences among the games. To help the discussion, here are the ways each game connects and differs in the Panic line.
Source: Fireside Games

Slate on Rob Daviau and Legacy Board Games
Slate has written an article on Legacy board games. "Daviau convinced Hasbro to let him radically reinvent Risk. In 2012’s Risk Legacy, instead of a campaign ending when you put the box away, the story would continue the next time you played."

New Reviews This Week
Star Trek Panic (Ars Technica): “But when you send four security teams to repel the Romulan boarding parties, play "The Corbomite Maneuver" card to remove Kang's ship, and limp your way back to a starbase with four of your six hull sections on fire, you'll feel a bit like Kirk, Spock, and the gang executing another of their improbable escapes."

Saloon Tycoon (Paste Magazine): “There’s plenty of replay value because of the huge variety of room tiles and cards—with even more value coming from the Boomtown expansions, which bring a bunch of new tiles and claims as well as two new Citizens to the game."

Dastardly Dirigibles (Internet vs Wallet): “It is a great game for some light family fun. We found ourselves coming back to this one often."