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News Flash: Kumo Hogosha, Stronghold Games Pre-Orders

Kumo Hogosha

Morning Players Announces Kumo Hogosha
Kumo Hogosha is a strategic game with a manga spirit. "In each round players may use up to 5 actions, with one mandatory action: to turn the arena by at least 90°. Accessible from the age of 8 years, Kumo Hogosha has the advantage to be played by 2 or 4 people."

Stronghold Games Pre-Orders Open For Fall Releases
You can now pre-order Stronghold Games Fall releases. "In addition to being 30% off, all preorders are shipped to you before they go to Distributors and into retail.  These new titles will be at BGG.CON, but they will not be discounted there."

Polygon Hosts Board Game Giveaway
Polygon is hosting a board game giveaway in which the winner receives four games. "The giveaway begins at 5:00pm ET on Sept. 21, 2016 and ends at 11:59pm ET on Sept. 28, 2016."

IELLO Updates World of Yo-Ho App
IELLO has announced updates for World of Yo-Ho's app. "World of Yo-Ho, the pirate game in which your smart phone is your boat, is getting a significant update to the mobile app in October!"

Asmodee Discusses Takenoko and Children
Asmodee looks into the things Takenoko can teach children. "There is a growing body of research into the benefits of board games and game nights."

Geek and Sundry Discusses Legacy Games
Geek and Sundry has written a blog post about the evolution of Legacy games. "Until a few years ago, board games always played on the same board, with the same starting positions and always reset when the game was pulled out again for a new session. That is, until Rob Daviau designed Risk Legacy, a game that made mainstream the notion of legacy gaming, where a game set is only played once, like an RPG campaign over many sessions, and the game changes in irreversible ways."