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News Flash: Planet Rush Released, Clue on Broadway

Planet Rush

Victory Point Games Releases Planet Rush
Reiner Knizia's Planet Rush has been released by Victory Point Games. "Planet Rush is an engrossing Euro-style game of cunning bidding, building, and profit-taking for three to five clever gamers."

Clue Headed to Broadway
A play adaptation of Clue has been announced. "The show will mark their second live entertainment collaboration, after the Broadway-bound musical adaptation of Monopoly announced earlier this year."

World's Fair 1893 in Barnes and Noble
Foxtrot's World's Fair 1893 is now in Barnes and Noble stores.

Rejected Peter Rabbit Board Game Goes On Exhibit
Designed by Beatrix Potter herself, the board game will be on exhibit in London between October 8 and April 23. “She did her own drawing and made up rules, and brought it to her publisher’s Frederick Warne and said ‘I’ve invented this game’. In a letter, she said she thinks her game is a simple but good one.”

The Decemberists Band Designs a Board Game
Now rockers are getting into the board game industry. "Illimat, a card game designed for between two and four players, was co-created by top game designer Keith Baker and the group's illustrator Carson Ellis, and is based on a fake prop the band used in a 2009 photoshoot."

The Guardian Launches Monthly Board Game Guide
The Guardian has launched a new board game guide, that takes a look at a handful of board games every month. “We’re starting a monthly guide to help you find the best board games. This month: Ice Cool, Ticket to Ride: Rails and Sails, Mystic Vale and Sneaky Cards.”