News Flash: First Class, Golden Geek Award Winners, Game Night Tips

First Class

First Class Coming to US
Z-Man Games is bringing First Class to the US. "​In First Class, two to four players compete to each guide a pair of train lines from humble beginnings to a status rivaling that of even the fabled Orient Express."

Golden Geek Awards Announced
BoardGameGeek has announed the Golden Geek Award winners. "The winners of the 11th Annual Golden Geek Awards for 2016 have been determined by the users of BoardGameGeek, RPGGeek, and VideoGameGeek."

How To Host a Game Night
iSlaytheDragon has tips for hosting game night. "Remember what a privilege it is to have friends and to have them want to take time from whatever else they’ve got going on and to spend time with you. You are fortunate–revel in that, even if the dice rolls don’t go your way or Cheeto dust now adorns your out-of-print favorite."

Carcassonne Circus Expansion
Z-Man Games has announced a new expansion for Carcassonne. "Capturing the thrill of the circus, Under the Big Top incorporates twenty new land tiles and two new types of meeples into the Carcassonne library."

They Who Were 8 Unboxing
Passport Game Studios has released an official unboxing video. "Take a look at what comes in the box for the card game They Who Were 8 in this official game unboxing video."

PeltaPeeps on Kickstarter for a Week
PeltaPeeps has launched on Kickstarter."PeltaPeeps, an ancient race from the world of Peltan, go eye to eye. Make and break connections while shifting strategy to win."

Hive Mind (The Board Game Family): “The rules are simple and the game play is quick. And there isn’t any downtime because everyone participates in every question.”

Dice City (iSlaytheDragon): “There’s luck, but it balances nicely with the strategy. There’s also an addictive quality to it that just makes me want to keep rolling those dice and building my city.”

Dragoon (Board Game Quest): “A highly interactive action point game that looks amazing, but is held back by its reliance on rolling a d6 quite often.”

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Just found your wonderful website. It's amazing! First Class is one of my favourite games. You really should try it out. It's a bit easier than Russian Railroads, but makes as much as fun!

Btw your name (Läuchli) sounds swiss. Are your roots based in switzerland?

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