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Knot Dice: Celtic-inspired Games and Puzzles

Knot Dice

Play multiple games and solve various puzzles with this set of Celtic-inspired dice.


Knot Dice is not a typical game. It comes with eighteen dice, which have Celtic knot designs on each face. Included in the box are also some wooden tokens and two booklets. In one booklet is a series of puzzles you can solve with the dice and in the second booklet there are a series of different games for the dice.

There are twelve games, ranging from easy to complex. There are cooperative ones, competitive ones, and even a story-telling game included. In the center of both booklets there is a four-by-four grid on one side, and a score pad on the other.

In one of the games, Kells, players are working together to create a design. Each player takes two dice and rolls them, adding them to their pools and then the game begins. On your turn you take one of the unused dice and roll it, putting it in your pool. You then take one of your dice and add it to the shared design in the center of the table. If you have no legal move, you may instead choose to discard a die. In order to add a die, the open path of the knot on it must correctly meet up with the open paths of the dice you are connecting it to. If you complete an entire knot, closing off all paths, without discarding three or more dice, you win the game.

Another game included is Osbox, which is a competitive two player game that uses the grid in the booklet. One player may add dice to the rows, while the other may add them to the columns. On your turn you may add a die along your side of the grid, choosing which side of the die to use. You may only move a die onto a space along the edge. However if there is already a die there, your new die will push it further along the row or column. If you manage to close off a knot that overlaps more than one row and more than one column, you remove the dice in that knot and score one point for each. Play continues until the grid is filled up.

Knot Dice Components


These dice are lovely. They are hefty, they have a beautiful color and design, and they are enjoyable to play with. For a series of games that are all about dice, that’s important.

There’s also a nice, wide variety of games and puzzles offered by Knot Dice, and while some might not be for everyone, you’re bound to find something to enjoy as long as you like games with a nice dose of logic and puzzles. Sometimes the rules, especially for the puzzles, can be a bit hard to wrap your head around, but if you read through them a few times you'll catch on.

You can work on the puzzles alone or with a friend, and few of the games can also be played solo. There’s also a good many games for two or three players, but most of the games need a second set of dice or the deluxe set if you want to play with four.

With all the flexibility and all the different games in one box, Knot Dice is a great game for when you’re on the go. It’s light and it’s portable, and offers a unique mix of games. There’s a nice mix of strategy and luck and you really can pick and choose an experience that’s right for your particular game group. If you also happen to be a fan of Celtic designs, Knot Dice is a no-brainer.

Pros: The dice are gorgeous, extremely flexible with a wide range of games and puzzles

Cons: For some of the games you need an extra set of dice to play with four or even three players, occasionally the rules are a bit difficult to understand

Disclosure: we received a complimentary review copy of this game.