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News Flash: Kaiju Crush and Renegade Game Studios Promos

Kaiju Crush

New Game From Fireside
Fireside Games has announced Kaiju Crush, set for release this November. "The premise of Kaiju Crush is that giant monsters have descended on the same city to fight for supremacy. On your turn, you’ll choose to use either your own Movement Card or a Shared Movement Card that’s accessible to everyone."

Renegade Game Studios Promos
You can write to Renegade Game Studios to request a copy of their International Tabletop Day promos. "Just send us a Self Addressed, Stamped Envelope, and we'll send you a set of promos!"

Caverna: Cave vs. Cave
Mayfair Games has announced a June released date for Caverna: Cave vs. Cave. "Carve your way deeper into the mountain and create a cozy cave. Gather grain, flax, and building materials. Mine for precious metals and become wealthier than you, or your rivals, ever dreamed!"

Cooperative Games for Kids
Today's Parents suggests six coop games for kids. "For kids who hate to lose, cooperative board games are a better option than the types of games that feature player elimination."

Asmodee Releases Kharnage
Asmodee recently released a new card game. "Your troops are drawn up in their lines of battle, and your only goal is to cause as much damage as possible—earning Kharnage tokens by destroying your opponent’s units."

Air Force Veteran's Game Podcast
A Kickstarter has launched to help support a new board game podcast. "Getting Geeky with Gamer Leaf is a gaming podcast from a family's perspective."

Sagrada (Theology of Games): “Sagrada hits on all cylinders: awesome art/graphic design, amazing components, and a smart thinky filler that has massive replay value!”

Magic Maze (Boards and the Bees): “This game looks like FUN.  I love real-time games, and embrace the chaos.”

Tesla vs Edison: Duel (Board Game Quest): “It plays quickly with multiple choices similar to a true lunge-parry-riposte fencing match.