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Big Box O' Games Giveaway - Fall 2017

Big Box O' Games Giveaway

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Our Big Box O' Games Giveaway is back! Help us celebrate our Fall 2017 release of Casual Game Insider by entering to win these eight brand new games!

  • Lost Cities: The Board Game — Guide your team of explorers on up to five expeditions, trying to make it farther than your opponents. Along the way increase points by finding artifacts, victory points, and shortcuts.
  • Odin's Ravens — Race through the landscape in the opposite direction as your opponent to be the first to return to Odin. Use Loki cards to shift the cards on the table in your favor.
  • NHL Fastrack — Using only one hand and the elastic band, the goal is to fire all 10 discs through the tiny slot to the other side of the track.
  • Amalgam — Fill your cauldrons with an amalgam of ingredients to create the most potent potions. Use your memory to gather and collect as many of the same type of ingredients as you can for the strongest result.
  • Knot Dice — Create beautiful Celtic knot designs in over a dozen different games and puzzles.
  • Martial Art — A card game of factions warring for dominance of feudal Japan. Two decks included to support up to four players.
  • Women in Science — Collect cards, form labs, race your opponents, or steal their scientists in this strategic and educational game. Includes Women in Space expansion pack.
  • Planetary Strike — A space-themed abstract strategy game for up to six players.

We would like to offer a special thanks to the publishers of these games for providing the prizes for this giveaway.

Enter below to win! (Note: our giveaways are only open to U.S. residents, age 18 or older. Why?)

Big Box O' Games - Fall 2017

Daniel R.
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Nice box o'games on offer!

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Every curious about Women in Science.

Greg L
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Looks like good games to get my family more involved

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I love this Magazine, I wish it was published more often.

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Would love to win these games. Great Magazine! Thanks.

Travis Quance
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I love Casual Game Insider. Your giveaways are awesome.

What a sweet giveaway! Fingers crossed!

Nicole H
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We're just starting to play more board games and these would be great to add to our growing collection.

mike hoang
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I wanna play these games on family night!

Aubrey Scott
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Great giveaway

Kelly Freeman
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Thanks for the chance .

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Great giveaway! thank you :)

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This would be a great addition to our family nights!!
Angela Hood
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Nichole Straub
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I would love to win
Carrol Horne
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would love to win a box full of games <3 WOW!!!!

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good luck

Jessica Duis
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Wow awesome giveaway thanks so much for the chance! :)

Shawn Cosson
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just think this is completely amazing! I'm lovin toys!


Melissa A Raykovics
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love to win 

barbara stanfield
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My family loves games!!

Shawna Suzuki
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awesome giveaway!

Chris Sjoholm
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Odin's Ravens is one of my favorite two player games!