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Roll and Write in Ascending Order: A Review of Qwingo


Players call out numbers and roll a die to see which column they will be adding the number to, but watch out because numbers must be listed in ascending order!


Each player is given a sheet and a pencil. On the sheet are five columns, each associated with a different icon. Each column has 12 boxes. Before the game starts, players have five set numbers that they have to add to their sheet. Each column needs one number, but players can choose which box and column each number will be written in.

On your turn, you announce a number between 1 and 100 and roll the die. The die has one face matching each of the five columns on your sheet, plus one wild face, which allows players to choose any column. The die result dictates which column the called number will be written in. Every player looks at the die and adds the called number to their matching column. You choose which box to add the number in. However, numbers in a single column must be in an ascending order. If there is not a legal box for you to write the number in, you must pass. When calling a number before rolling the die, you are allowed to consult other players’ sheets.

After everyone has added the number onto their sheet (or passed as the case may be) the die is given to the next player and another round begins.

The first player to fill up all the boxes in a single column wins the game.

Qwingo Components


Qwingo keeps everyone involved all the time, whether you’re calling the number or not. You need to keep track of other players’ sheets as much as your own, and choosing the placement of numbers offers some interesting strategic choices for a dice based game.

The last few rounds can drag a bit, as we found by the time we reached the end game there’s not a lot of variety for what numbers players called and it just came down to waiting for one player to get lucky. However there’s something really satisfying about roll and write games and Gamewright never fails to offer great components. Qwingo is colorful and fun to look at, and is quite a portable game.

Qwingo is simply an exceptionally satisfying game. It’s straightforward and both quick and easy to learn while the simple fact that you choose the placement of the numbers on your sheet adds a lot of replayability and interesting decisions. If you enjoy roll and write games, be sure to check it out.

Pros: Portable, clever number placement system

Cons: The last few rounds are repetitive

Disclosure: we received a complimentary review copy of this game.