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News Flash: Senshi Announced, Game Salute's Three New Imprints


Arcane Wonders Announces Senshi
The game is expected to be released in May. "A strategy game for 2-4 players that takes only 15 minutes to play! Carefully manipulate stacks of tiles that represent your four attributes."

Three New Imprints from Game Salute
Last month Game Salute announced Starling Games, Sparkworks, and Flying Meeple. "Starling Games serves as our imprint focused on hobby games, encompassing strategy, euro-style, and generally heavier games. Lighter, more accessible games are featured in our broadly approachable Sparkworks imprint, and our games for kids and families will find a home under the Flying Meeple banner."
Source: Press Release

Cover Art for Forbidden Sky Released
Gamewright has revealed the box art for Forbidden Sky at the New York Toy Fair.
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Harry Potter Miniatures Adventure Game Sneak Preview
A sneak preview has been released by Knight Models of the upcoming Harry Potter miniatures board game. "During the game, players must outmaneuver their opponents across beautifully illustrated game boards representing many of the iconic locations from the Wizarding World."

Board Game Vacation Home
Purple Pawn has written a fun little piece about a 13-bedroom rental house where each room is decorated after a board game. "There are Scrabble, Monopoly, and Pictionary bedrooms. The war game room features Stratego, Risk, and Battleship. And the Clue bedroom suite doubles as an escape room, complete with puzzles and lock boxes."

Wonderland: An International Tabletop Day Exclusive
Renegade Game Studios has announced Wonderland, a card game that will only be available for International Tabletop Day. "Choose to play as either Alice or the Red Queen. Place your cards carefully to control areas of Wonderland while taking advantage of your magic items."

Checkpoint Charlie (I Play Red): “Checkpoint Charlie is a fun deduction game that can be played in as many or as few rounds as you like, making it fit nicely in any gaming session long or short.”

Divinity Derby (GeekDad): “The game is also very nicely designed. The artwork on the cards is great, and the miniatures, even though they aren’t painted, are really cool. More than that, the game is just fun.”

Charterstone (Paste Magazine): “If you can navigate some of the more confusing text on the cards, Charterstone is a brilliant, well-balanced, quick-moving game, one that elevates both the legacy format and the oh-my-god-another-wood-collecting-game genre with the fun of discovering new features as you play and a meticulous design that keeps everyone in the game right up until the end.”