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Catch the Bandido in this Cooperative Maze Building Game


The bandido is trying to escape! Close off all the tunnels to make sure he can’t get out!

In this cooperative maze-building card game, players must work together to stop the bandido before the deck runs out.


To set up the game, the start tile is placed in the center of the table. It is two-sided and you can either play with the easy side (which shows five paths) or the hard side (which has six). The goal of the game is for players to close off all the possible pathways leading from the start tile.

Each player draws three cards from the deck. Each card shows tunnels which can be added onto the tunnels already on the table. On your turn you must play one card, and then draw a new one. Some cards end in a flashlight, which represents a tunnel that is closed off and blocked.

Any card you play must fit perfectly. You cannot add a card that would prevent a tunnel from being closed off later. If at any time you cannot legally play a card, you place your entire hand under the draw pile and take three new cards. After your turn, the next player goes.

Players win if they manage to block off all the tunnels, and lose if they fail to do so before all cards have been played.

Bandido Components


Bandido is an extremely light, fast, and easy to learn cooperative game. It can be taught and set up in a couple of minutes and is accessible for kids and adults — even players with little-to-no board gaming experience. There aren’t many cooperative games that fit that bill.

Played with a single deck of cards, and fitting into a small box, the game itself spreads out across the table and takes up plenty of space, but when packed up it's very portable. It’s one of those games that’s easy to slip into a purse or pocket.

Regarding gameplay, the game is challenging. Even on the easy level, it’s possible to be close to winning only to have victory snatched from you because players didn’t plan ahead properly. The rulebook, unfortunately, doesn’t go into any detail about how much communication is allowed between players, even though this can substantially affect the difficulty. You just have to decide for yourself. Winning feels satisfying and there’s a nice element of logic and puzzle involved in reaching that victory.

Simple and straightforward, Bandido is a relaxing cooperative experience. As a filler, family game, or for a moment when you just want something easygoing, it fits the bill nicely.

Pros: Portable, relaxing, family friendly

Cons: Rulebook could clarify a couple of points

Disclosure: we received a complimentary review copy of this game.