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Card Games

Find the secret animal, dive into history, or take a trip to the world of Harry Potter to find the right magical character!

Play a card equal to or higher than the one on top of the discard pile. Can’t play a card? Add the discards to your hand. But there's a twist…the last two cards you have are mystery cards.

Who will be the best interior decorator to design the perfect, coziest nook? Beware of the ducks though! They might just allow another player to steal your designing thunder.

Avoid winning as many cards as you can, in this trick-taking card game where the trump suit can change between tricks.

Can you whittle down all your cards, one stack at a time, while jumping between them and trying to remember which cards are still in which stacks?

Reveal cards one at a time, either from the table or players' hands, searching for sets of three. But you can only reveal the highest or lowest card from a hand, and if you reveal a card that doesn’t match, your turn immediately ends.

Combat, speed, and a good eye combine in this light card game of speed and luck, which has you taking on the role of a raider or ascending to Valhalla where you can win from beyond the grave.

There are a lot of beans doing dumb things to get themselves killed. Can you help your beans avoid horrible accidents or escape the psycho when he attacks?

Play one card to the table. That’s all you have to do! If there is a match on the table or several cards can add up to equal your card, they all go into your score pile — otherwise, your card simply stays put.

Send the pear rocking and ditch as many of your cards as you can, matching color, number, or item type, before the pear stops its roll.