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It's in the Bag: A Party Game of Guessing, Acting, and Memory

It's in the Bag

Shuffle the cards, put them in the bag, and start drawing! How many cards can you get your team to guess in thirty seconds?

It’s in the Bag is a party game that will have you testing your descriptive ability, your memory, and your acting skills, in order to beat the other team.


There are five decks of cards, each representing different categories: locations, people, recreation and sports, entertainment, and outdoors. Players split into two teams. You then take four cards per player (or more/fewer to adjust game length), choosing from as many categories as you like, then shuffle them and put them in the bag.

It’s in the Bag takes place over three rounds. On your turn, you start the thirty second timer and attempt to get your team to guess as many cards as possible before the time runs out. You keep any cards guessed correctly to track points earned for your team, and then you hand the bag over to a member of the other team. It’s now their turn. The round ends once all the cards in the bag have been guessed. The cards are then shuffled again and put back into the bag and a new round begins.

During the first round, you may describe the word on the card (being careful not to use the word itself), without using any actions, to try to get your team to guess. During the second round, you may only use a one word description. During the third and final round, you may not use any sounds but rather must act the card out. Once per round, a team may choose to skip a card, putting it back in the bag. Remembering what cards are in the bag will help your team to guess during the later rounds.

The team with the most points at the end of the third round wins the game.

Its in the Bag Components


It’s in the Bag is an enjoyable party game that moves quickly and keeps everyone involved. Turns only last thirty seconds, but even so you are trying to pay attention during your opponents’ turn, since remembering the cards is vital for the later rounds.

There are other games with a similar concept, going through the same cards multiple times, using different methods to get people to guess them — however if you haven’t played one yet or really enjoy the mechanic, It’s in the Bag presents this concept very well.

The five different categories allow you to tailor the cards to the group you’re playing with, but within the categories there is a wide range. For instance, the people category includes both well-known figures as well as professions or items often associated with people (such as a wallet or driver’s license). The range within the categories ensures the game stays challenging. You can also customize the length of the game by adjusting the number of cards per player that you use. The bag itself is a little small, but the cards are a nice quality, with large print.

If you enjoy party games that revolve around guessing and memory elements, It’s in the Bag is easy to learn and teach, works with a large group, and has enjoyable team-based play. All aspects that work to make a solid party game.

Pros: Categories allow you to adjust what types of cards go in the bag, can be played with a large group

Cons: There are similar games on the market

Disclosure: we received a complimentary review copy of this game.