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Press Your Luck and Bluff the Beast in Order to Plunder the Dragon's Cave

Dragon's Cave

The dragon’s lair is full of gold but it will take brains, bravery, and nerve to make off with any of the plundered loot.

Dragon’s Cave is a bluffing, press your luck game in which each round a different player takes on the role of dragon and tries to guess where players will move next.


The board is placed in the center of the table, and each player puts their dwarf token at the start. The board depicts a path that is made up of a series of squares that come in one of five different colors. Each player has a hand of six cards, with each card matching one of the colors used on the board as well as a card that shows a treasure chest.

Each round a different player takes on the role of the dragon. When you're the dragon, you do not move your dwarf that round. During a round, all the dwarf players select one of their cards and place it face down in front of themselves. The dragon then chooses one of the five colors to guard and all players simultaneously reveal their cards.

If you did not choose the color the dragon is guarding, you move your dwarf forward to the next square on the board that matches the color you played, and gain gold tokens equal to the number shown on that square, which you then place on your purse tile. The card you played that round is not returned to your hand, but remains face-up in front of you.

However, if you chose the color the dragon is guarding, you move backwards to the nearest square of that color. You then secretly distribute the gold on your purse tile between your left and right hand (you may choose how to distribute them; you might try to divide them evenly or even put all in one hand for example). The dragon player then chooses one of your two closed hands. All coins hidden in that hand are discarded, while the coins in the other hand are returned to your purse tile, and any cards you have played in front of you are returned to your hand.

When a player uses their treasure chest card, they are safe from the dragon that round. They do not move their dwarf nor gain any coins, but they move the coins from their purse tile into their treasure chest, ensuring those coins are safe from the dragon for the remainder of the game. You also get to pick up any cards you have played in front of you.

The game is over at the end of a round during which at least one player has made it to the end of the board. The player with the most gold wins the game.

Dragon's Cave Components


In Dragon’s Cave players are given multiple ways in which to outwit their opponents or guess their next move. As the dragon you have to choose not only where you think a player will go, but also decide the best player to try to catch. Players meanwhile have to guess based on other players and their own situation, where the dragon is most likely to be. Even then, once caught, you’re given another chance to outwit the dragon.

This bluffing and deduction is satisfying, but also easy to teach and family friendly (as long as the children don’t mind being caught and losing their gold). The game’s artwork is also family oriented, with cartoony artwork.

With the buffing there is also an enjoyable press your luck element, as players have fewer and fewer movement options each round, making it easier for the dragon to guess their next move, until they’re either caught or play their treasure card. How long to you dare to go before banking your gold?

The game is at its best with four players, as the more players present the more interaction there is between what you expect other players to do and your own plans, and the more satisfying the role of dragon is.

Dragon’s Cave is fairly small and lightweight, making it easy to pack and take with you to events. Fans of bluffing games will enjoy it, particularly those with families or those looking for something easy to teach. Recommended!

Pros: Family friendly bluffing game, lots of player interaction

Cons: Works better with certain player counts

Disclosure: we received a complimentary review copy of this game.