September 2019 | Casual Game Revolution

September 2019

Carefully create fields of colorful flora to attract busy bees in the latest from Bruno Cathala and Johannes Goupy.

Magic Maze has been adapted into a new game and moved to Mars, USAopoly (The Op) has released a new game, and Rio Grande Announces Queenz.

It's so easy to steal from your opponents, but do so with caution because you never know when a trap will be lurking!

Funko uses its popular collectibles and characters to launch a new board gaming line with this skirmish line of games.

The garden is full of beautiful greenery shaped into sculptures. But whose meeples will have the most amazing view?

Fisher Heaton has announced two new games in their Analog Apps series, the American Tabletop Awards have been announced, and Renegade Game Studios has released Icarus.

In Dragonscales, you try to collect treasure, become stronger, or escape the three-headed dragon to be the most villainous.

One player takes on the role of the mummy and hunts down the penguin treasure hunters. Will the mummy capture them all or will one intrepid hunter make it out with the loot?

Will you prepare for the Bellfaire celebration, or go on a long journey through the mountains to discover unknown locations?

Joseph Adams (along with his design partner, Madeleine Cole) discuss their foray into game publishing with their first design, Philosophia.