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Preview: Experience All the Feels in the Roller Coaster of Emotion that is Block Happy

Block Happy
From frustrated to optimistic, outraged to overjoyed, or shocked to bored, Block Happy features the whole gamut of emotions.
A fast-playing card game currently on Kickstarter, Block Happy has adorable block character artwork that will really make you feel emotional. But how does it play?

Block Happy cards


Each player is dealt one happiness emotion card face up in front of them and seven other emotion cards into their hand. Remaining happiness cards are then shuffled into the draw pile which is placed in the center of the table. To win the game you need to seize seven happiness cards in front of you (or six plus the tickled pink card).
On your turn, you play an emotion card into the discard pile. If the card has an action (such as feeling jealous, where you steal happiness from another player or feeling cheeky by seeing a players hand and taking their best card), that action is then resolved. You then draw back up to seven cards. If you draw a happiness card (or take happiness from another player) you immediately play it in front of yourself before drawing back up to seven.
All the cards have various emotional powers, allowing you to control, annoy, peek, grab, shock and test your opponents happiness in a strategic and funny battle of emotion.
There are also simple emotions. If you play two matching basic emotions on your turn, you take one emotion from the draw pile and choose one from the discard pile. On your turn you could play the rainbow by discarding one of each of the five basic emotions in order to take a little happiness from another player. This means you will draw five new cards from the deck, increasing your odds of drawing even more happiness.

Block Happy box


Block Happy has some fairly simple rules, but a lot of thought and effort has clearly been put into the game. Each card has unique artwork, with even the happiness cards displaying a different type of happiness. The artwork itself is fun and cute, with each emotional creature depicting the emotion listed on the card. The result is super kid friendly but very engaging for adults as well, and we were always excited to check out each card as it was played.

The range of actions on the cards is also fun. While playing basic emotions won’t trigger much on your turn other than drawing a new card, there are plenty of other emotion cards in the deck and it actually felt rather strategic to decide when to use them, as many of them had take-that elements which could quickly make you a target from other players’ actions cards.

There was a pretty clever link between the name of the emotion cards and the actions they instigated. Did you play an annoyed card to steal two happiness from someone? Of course they are now going to feel annoyed — unless they’re literally feeling smug because they played a smug card to block you.

The text on the cards explaining the actions are a bit difficult to read, however there were player aides included that listed the actions. The more you play the game, the less you’re going to have to rely on these.

If you enjoy light card games, Block Happy is an enjoyable entry into the genre, with great art, and some clever blending of gameplay and theme. Check it out on Kickstarter and see it for yourself.

Pros: Unique artwork, fun take-that mechanics, enjoyable blending of action cards and theme

Cons: Card text can be difficult to read

Disclosure: this preview is based on our evaluation of an unpublished prototype of the game, which is subject to change prior to publication. While a modest payment was received to expedite the review process, our thoughts and opinions expressed here are honest and accurate.


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