October 2019 | Casual Game Revolution

October 2019

Butterfly is a new abstract strategy game from Spiel des Jahres nominee Stephen Glenn. Designed for 2 to 5 players, this game asks players to maximize their movements across a variably-sized grid.

Players are lab assistants, competing to get their name put on the research paper. How far will you go for academic glory?

Explore the lagoon, gather resources, build villages, and lay claim to the islands! Blue Lagoon is an area control game played in two phases.

What will win this hand? Will it be the highest numbered card? The lowest? Will the card’s name determine the winner? Or the year written on it? Be careful though, because it might just change halfway through the hand!

How far will you go to get out of a work event? Would you tell your boss that you’ve just been arrested? That you’re stuck in a tree? There’s a hitman out after you?

USAopoly (The Op) has released a new Toy Story game, Eggertspiele has released Era: Medieval Age, and Meeple Mountain has a roundup of the games they’re most excited about at Essen Spiel 2019.

Defend the kingdom from the Master of Shadows and protect the territories as you fight enemies, go on quests, and collect stones of power to complete your adventure!

The latest from designer Leo Colovini reimplements his classic area control game, Masons, with a few new twists and turns.

From the waterways of Venice and a magic show full of twists and turns, to the search for El Dorado and the Egyptian desert — four Deckscape releases bring four new widely different themes, stories, and puzzles.

Compete in real time to create paths across multiple sectors while collecting coins and avoiding obstacles in this board game interpretation of the popular mobile game.