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Preview: Experience an Extreme Duel in Cage Match! The MMA Fight Game

Cage Match

Do you have what it takes win the fight and become the heavyweight (or lightweight) champion?

Just released on Amazon, Cage Match! The MMA Fight Game is a vicious two-player duel, with elements of luck, bluffing, and reading your opponent.


Players agree on what weight class they wish to play and then each selects a fighter belonging to that weight class. Heavier weight classes will have more health and therefore lead to longer games. Each fighter has health points for their body and separate health points for their head.

Each player takes one of the double-sided action pads and places it behind a player screen. A score pad is placed in the center of the table. Players' health points are tracked on the score pad, as well as whether the fighters are standing or on the ground.

There are two ways to win the game: either bring your opponent’s body or head health down to zero, or get them onto the ground in a submission position and successfully perform a second submission move on them.

Each round, players simultaneously select an action by placing an action cube on their action pads. These pads are double sided, one side for standing, and the other side for when the players are on the ground. Once both players have selected an action, they lift their player screens to reveal them. Players then compare the two actions on the fight card, which has a grid that determines how these two specific actions interact with one another. Some interactions will cause both actions to do nothing, some will cause one or both players to take damage, while others will force players to roll dice to see whose attack lands. When rolling dice, a player always rolls two, but different attacks will cause you to add or subtract from your result, and taking a lot of damage will also place a penalty on your rolls.

Some actions cause players to gain focus tokens. When selecting an action you may spend focus in order to add damage or add to dice rolls. Each fighter has special moves which are more powerful, but cost focus to use. Players can also choose to perform a three stage combo, which is also unique to their character and costs focus. When performing a combo, you carry out the first attack like a regular move, however your opponent gets a chance to block the second and third step of the combo by having a dice roll off, and if they succeed the rest of your move ends.

There are some moves that will cause players to move to the ground. One player will be in the dominant position and one will be in the submissive position. The submissive player can attempt to escape as one of their actions, and if they succeed the players move back to a standing position.

Cage Match: The MMA Fight Game


Cage Match! The MMA Fight Game does a great job of capturing the flavor of a quick, back-and-forth fight. Blows are often vicious, and matches are short and sweet. There is a satisfying mix of different elements at play that combine into a good fighting game.

Players will be trying to predict what the other is likely to do, since each action will resolve differently based on the action they choose themselves. You have to choose carefully when to use your focus, when to block, and when to attack. This makes the moment both players reveal their actions suspenseful and fun. It’s quite satisfying when you’ve successfully avoided an opponent’s attack or land a particularly effective hit. The dice rolling, meanwhile, throws in some luck to keep things unpredictable — but you don’t always roll dice, and when you do you have some ability to affect the outcome.

The simultaneous gameplay, and the speed with which actions are resolved keeps things moving along at a good clip, and the ability to adjust game length based on the weight class is a useful one, particularly while you’re still learning the game.

Some improvements could be made in the rulebook, which is a bit clunky. But the game is inherently straightforward and simple to teach, so it’s not too difficult to get over that initial hurdle. The player screens are also really well made, and some of the best we’ve encountered. They’re sturdy, thick cardboard and so they stand up easily on their own, and also provide a round order and icon reference.

The theme isn’t going to appeal to everyone, but it’s tied in well with the mechanics and Cage Match! The MMA Fight Game is an enjoyable lightweight two player game, with some solid decision making in the action selection process. It plays fast enough and has such a short setup time that it’s very easy to jump right back into another game, while the fighters with different special moves, strengths, and combos provide a nice dash of variety. If this game catches your interest, be sure to check it out on Amazon.

Pros: Fast paced, player screens are well made, good mix of elements

Cons: Theme won’t appeal to everyone, rulebook could be improved

Disclosure: While a modest payment was received to expedite the review process for this game, our thoughts and opinions expressed here are honest and accurate.